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Friday, April 10, 2009

Shakeology + Coaching = Savings and Free Opportunity

Dear Boys and Girls,

Have you been dying to try Shakeology, but have been hesitant because of the price tag?

Have you been kinda itching to give coaching a go, but just haven't dared to take the leap?

Well, kids, if this sounds like you then you might want to listen up. If you were to purchase Shakeology as a coach, you'd have both your monthly coaching fee paid for (so, you'd be a coach for free) AND you'd save on Shakeology. Really!

Shakeology costs $119.95, but for coaches its $89.95 . That's a $30 discount each month.

Let's break down the cost for you.

As a coach, you pay a one time $39.95 fee at sign up, and then $14.95 every month. But as a coach, you now get 25% discount off of anything you buy.


$120 Shakeology ($4 per shake)
-$ 30 coach discount
+$ 15 monthly coach fees
$105 for Shakeology as a coach ($3.50 per shake + discounts)

Becoming a coach has probably never made more sense. For those of you who truly want to coach, I want you to know that you'd be part of a great team. I am always available to my coaches to provide support and feedback, both in fitness and in business.

In addition to our bi-monthly team meetings, there are a wealth of resources and training available to you to help you succeed. If you're looking to earn an extra income while getting in the best shape of your life and helping others to do the same, you really might want to join me on this most awesome adventure!

You can email me for more information or to set up a phone call.

Yours in fitness and success!

Barbie, PhD

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