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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Dear Boys and Girls,

I thought I'd post my Weekly Coach Check-In on my blog. I try to send out an email every week or so where we share and celebrate each other's progress.

If you need a little support on your fitness journey, feel free to reach out to me. I can help you get to where you want to be! It's free for me to coach you!

Bring it!



Dear Boys and Girls,

Another awesome week has gone by. We really do have a lot to share and celebrate! Let's get started:

Congratulations to Alicia, who in 50 days has gone down TWO BELT HOLES!!! Alicia is doing Chalean Extreme. Bring it, girl! Alicia also became a coach last month. The girl is on fire!!! Bring it!

Congratulations to Jeff and Marissa, husband and wife, who are doing the X together. Jeff has lost four pounds in his first 30 days. Looking awesome, Jeff!! Here is his BEFORE pic:

And day 30:

Here is Marissa's Day 1 pic:

Oh, that was a tiny pic. And day 30. You are turning into lean woman!!:

A super Congratulations to my girl, LITTLE BLUE, for losing 20lbs with Slim in 6. She's not even done yet!!! You've got another week to go. Keep it going, Little Blue! I am so very proud of you!

And Congratulations to AMY whose pants are falling off! The pants in this picture were SNUG on her around Christmas Time. Way to bring it, girl!!! Keep going and congratulations on becoming a Coach!!!

I've had reports from both people I coach and don't coach who are dropping weight with Shakeology . I know some of you wish you could try it before committing to buying a whole packet. But, it might help to know that you can get a full refund should you not like it. I personally LOVE the greenberry flavor and am not too fond of the chocolate flavor. But some really like the chocolate!

Alright, peeps, if you need help getting with the program, please reach out to me. I am here for you and ready to help you succeed. Please fill me in on your progress. I want to be able to share and celebrate your success with others.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Your partner in Health!


p.s. Happy Easter!

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