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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Abs Are Made In the Kitchen...

Dear boys and girls,

It took one whiny post of indecision to make up my mind. Let me put it simply:

I aint going down like that!

So, after my post, I decided to stop the "hmm, should I indulge or not indulge? Should I sacrifice my progress for a quesadilla?" and get back on the fitness horse full force.

As I said, I have been pressing play six times a way. If an extra quesadilla and glass of wine are preventing me from seeing the fruits of my labor, then, jeez, I just need to make a decision!

Why does the solution, all of a sudden, seem so simple? I swear it wasn't just two days ago.

But I guess there is truth in the phrase, "Decide. Commit. Succeed."

So, I've been really bringing it in the kitchen, the way I always have. The difference? I'm saying now to temptations of late night treats and snacks. It's that easy and it's that hard. But, ladies and gentlemen, I am up for the challenge!

The picture above was post workout this morning. I had been afraid to weigh myself or take a picture out of the irrational fear that I had lost my results. I like what I see, minus the morning hair (!) and I'm ready for more results!

Bring it!!

Barbie, PhD


MOXIE said...

I LOVE it! I can so relate to your previous post and your current one. I've been thinking the same...thanks for the inspiration! I've been on the fence about everything and your post confirmed my thoughts, I'm up for the challenge too! LOVE your blog..

Jana (aka MOXIE..A fellow BB Member)

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Thanks, JANA!!! On the fence, get off it!! :) Love your screen name!