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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Landing on Your Feet

Dear Boys and Girls,

All day I've had an image in my head of a cat landing on its feet. I am that cat, I guess, and my brain was trying to tell me that this had to be the subject of today's blog.

In the past ten days I have gone from Dallas to a weekend in LA, back to three days in Dallas, then 7 days in New York, then less than a day in Dallas, then a road trip to Santa Monica, via Arizona. Boy that was an adventure, but yes, my body is paying the price. I feel under the weather: tired, headachy, and whiny...but determined to get back on my feet ASAP! Actually, I may not feel swell, but this cat has landed. I am back on track, baby!

During all my travels, I only missed one workout. Had I not gotten this darn cold, I would have pressed play on Monday (I got back Sunday evening). But, I have decided to listen to my body the past two days and let myself recover. Ahh, rest. Does it feel good? Not really. Feeling sick, even if you're resting, does not feel good. But, I know I have to let my body recover. Did I say darn cold? Yes, I am utterly frustrated by my body's vulnerability, but accept it as part of life.

While traveling, my eating was "okay," and on certain days, just plain awful. On my drive from Dallas to Arizona with my two dogs--um, I do not enjoy driving!--I gave in to...a grilled chicken sandwich and french fries from an establishment I dare not mention out of shame! Aside from that, in the two week period, there was a piece of chocolate, two margaritas, a slice of pizza, and I'm sure I'm omitting something. Believe it or not, despite these moments of weakness, I made good choices given the constant temptations and limited food availability. All in all, in a scale of one to ten, I give myself a....six or seven...for bringing it on the road.

Mentally, however, all this voyaging has left part of me feeling derailed and out of sorts. In the mental "I brought it good" satisfaction department I give myself a whopping four.

Okay, so now what?

What is my determination level? On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10. I am ready to go again.

You see, boys and girls, I know perfection is not necessary. Life will happen: weddings, funerals, sickness, trips, love, parties, family reunions, you name it. And we might get derailed for a bit, that's not the problem. The problem occurs when we make the decision to not get back on track. I learned that lesson the hard way before discovering BeachBody.

I got back Sunday and spent the day yesterday cleaning out the fridge, food shopping, and getting my mind right. I am back on track after a whirlwind two weeks and so glad to be getting back on a normal routine.

I always say this, but I have this impression that people think perfection is necessary to achieve awesome results. It's not. Persistence is and a willingness to get back on track when you fall.

A certain acquaintance of mine in NY couldn't believe that I was partaking in the food and drinking on a night out with friends. His look and comments seemed to suggest that in eating unclean and drinking one or two margaritas (he obviously hasn't read my blog!), I was somehow being untrue to the lifestyle I so ardently preach. Oh, please! I like my margaritas frozen with salt, please!

In all seriousness, embracing a life of fitness does not mean having to be perfect 100% of the time or giving up all of life's treats. That's unrealistic, not to mention boring!

I'm back, I say, as I sniffle and hope that my cold gets better by tomorrow. I'm ready to kick some butt, my own!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


Fit Mama said...

Feel better Barbie!

dianemary126 said...

"In all seriousness, embracing a life of fitness does not mean having to be perfect 100% of the time or giving up all of life's treats. That's unrealistic, not to mention boring!" -----WELL SAID BARBIE!!

feel better soon my friend


Anonymous said...

I'm better! I felt better the day after! :) THANK YOU! Barbie