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Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Alison, Another BeachBody Success Story

Dear Boys and Girls,

It is my intention to overwhelm you with success stories!

I had the pleasure of meeting Ali while in San Francisco last December. She was surprised that I drank wine and insisted on dessert! Perfection not necessary to achieve amazing results! We're both proof!

Read on!

Barbie, PhD


My Personal Bio:

Hi, I'm Alison!

I'm a mother of 2 young kids living in Half Moon Bay, California. I'm originally from Scotland but have been living here for about 14 years. I work as a Software Release Engineer during the week but my favorite thing is to be outdoors enjoying life! I love to ski (telemark ski), rock-climb, mountain bike, scuba dive, but also just walk on the beach with the kids. Take them out for walks and generally live an active life!

My Transformation Story:

After having my 2 kids (aged 2 and 4) I just didn't have time to workout at all and couldn't find the time or enthusiasm to eat healthily. My husband works swing shift (2pm-10.30pm) so the only way I could get out during the week and exercise would be to get a babysitter which was a pain. I did get one each week in the summer to go mountain biking, but felt so out of shape that I really hated it when I couldn't keep up with my friends any more. I was on the verge of just giving up to the fact that I was old and my fit days were over! Same went for skiing and other activities! I was really quite depressed as for me being active was always something I loved! Then I saw an advertisement for Slim in Six: a 6 week exercise and nutrition program which i could do at home WITHOUT having to get a babysitter! I decided to order it and follow it to the word. I was excited to find the Team Beachbody website with menu plans and the forums. I joined one of the forums (The Slim Spot) where other people were also doing Slim in Six and it was amazing! It was a hard six weeks, but since others were doing the same thing we all kept each other going! I eventually lost 11lb but also went from a size 10 to a size 4! The inches just fell off! Everyone was throwing away clothes and buying new smaller ones. It was quite a thrill!

I went on to do slim series followed by P90x, which is a 3-month weight training program which I love. I did 2 rounds of p90x, and am almost done with a round of Chalean Extreme. I am now a size 1 or 2, but am STRONG! I can do at least 45 pushups and am probably in my best shape ever! I can now enjoy mountain-biking again. I can ski all day without even getting tired. I can lift heavy furniture and open jars of food (ha ha!). I really used to be such a wimp. And best of all I just feel great! I am much more confident and now probably have the best body I've ever had, which is pretty amazing at 43 yo! I've totally changed the way I eat. I don't diet and starve myself but make healthy choices. I actually eat really healthily during the week, then splurge a bit at the weekend, but seem to now stay roughly the same weight. All the nutritional information I have learned here has also changed the way I feed my kids, which is another great plus!

I am so thankful I found Beachbody and all these great products :)

To have Ali coach you or to view her profile, click here.

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