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Thursday, April 30, 2009

CharlieMac: A P90X Success Story

Dear Boys and Girls,

The other day I showed someone I had just met my before and after pics. He was skeptical, he didn't believe the before pictures were really of me. He even pointed out that my skin seemed darker in the first picture. Well, it was summer! Luckily, I had plenty of out of shape pictures on my computer to put his doubt to rest. Although I have nothing to prove, I wanted to share what BeachBody programs can do if, of course, you're willing to do your part.

Real people. Real results!

So, I'd like to introduce a few stories of people I coach, many of whom have decided to pass it forward by becoming coaches themselves.

Meet Charlie.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD



A little about me:

I am 29, married with two beautiful kids. I have the typical story I guess. I was semi-athletic through high school and college. I was never super fit, but never really obese. I got out of college, got a full time job and didn't make enough time for my health and fitness. The crossroads came during my wife’s pregnancy of my second child. Anything goes when it comes to diet during a pregnancy and I went along for the ride. After the baby came, I approached the dreaded 200 pound mark. That's when I knew something had to be done.

Of course I had watched the P90x infomercial a thousand times and I knew that it was something that would allow me to save time by working out at home, motivate me to actually work out, and produce results. After looking around and reading the BB message boards I decided to get Power 90 first and work my way up to the X. I think I got Power 90 around Nov. 07. The plan was to work out with my wife and we would get fit together. Having an infant around changed that plan. I didn't really commit myself to finding the time. Fast forward to the beginning of this year when I decided to start Power 90 again. I did the 1-2 disc for about 15 days and then switched to 3-4 for about 30 days. I felt at that point I was ready for the X.

I am currently using P90x and I love this program! The variety of exercises and the muscle confusion always have you wanting to come back for more. I knew this program meant business after the very first workout. After I got to Day 30 I was feeling great results. I could kind of see physical results (my wife said she could see big results) but I just felt better and stronger. I think that’s one of the big keys in the beginning. Looking great will come in time, but Beachbody’s programs make feeling great almost instantaneous

My transformation:

I think my Beachbody transformation has been on two levels. First, I transformed my body from a soft gooey mess filled with junk to a healthy, calorie burning machine. I’m not tired when I wake up anymore and I have energy to burn for days. I commute about an hour each way to work and I use to be so tired at the end of the day that I couldn’t even play with my kids. Beachbody and P90x have given me the tools necessary to make the change!

My second transformation has been from a total skeptic of work at home fitness programs to someone who so truly believes in these programs that I have signed on to be a Beachbody Coach. I would have never believed that I could achieve such great results working out at my house. I really wish I had some of those gym membership fees back! Being a Coach has given me a new level of accountability. You can’t fail when other people are counting on you. That’s what is so great about being on a team! You are never alone in your journey. Good days or bad I will be there for you to keep you accountable and offer guidance.


To view Charlie's profile, click here.

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