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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Kathy, Super Fit at 49!

My biography

Hi. My name is Kathy. I was never very athletic, competitive or adventurous. I was coordinated from years of dancing, so when I got to high school I joined the dance team instead of playing sports. Like most girls my age, I considered myself fat when I wasn’t – but I wasn’t fit either.

After college I did lots of aerobic/dance classes and I managed to maintain my weight. After getting married, I fell into some pretty bad habits. I ate huge dinners and drank alcohol every night, most nights out-eating and out-drinking my husband. I would run with a friend during my lunch hour, but it was not enough to outrun my bad evening habits.

Then we started our family and I became the mother of two sons. By the grace of God, we have all been blessed with good health. I enjoyed my family and my home, but let my physical health slide. Over the years I put on weight and became more and more inactive.

I purchased P90X and Slim in 6 from infomercials. When I found the community threads, I found the support I needed to complete the programs. I also own Slim Series, Turbo Jam, Power Half Hour, P90X and Chalean Extreme. I am far from a perfectionist and have not done my rounds exactly as laid out, but that was not necessary. Getting great results does not require that. The important thing to realize is that this is a process and a lifestyle change. Now I consider myself an athlete-in-training and can not imagine going back to my old ways. My goals have changed from losing weight to becoming more fit. I want to help others become fit too and became an Independent Beach Body Coach. Being fit has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone. I joined a recreational Dodgeball team and find myself thinking how I can play better the next week.

I comfortably maintain my weight between 130 and 135 lbs, have worn a bikini twice on vacations, and look forward to eating healthy foods and getting stronger every day. My husband joins in often in my workouts and it has made us happier and brought us closer.

Today, 4-16-09, I began round two of P90X. I am looking forward to being a fit 50 year old in November

My transformation Story

I don’t remember when I purchased P90 and Slim in 6. I would use them, see some results, but quit the program. In June of 2007 I decided I could not go to my 30 year high school reunion weighing 180 lbs. I began working out to Slim in 6. I remember I was about to fall back in my old pattern and drop it. What kind of crazy people can finish four weeks of Burn It Up - Debbie Siebers' crown jewel workout? Well, I eventually found the community message boards and found that many people do indeed do the programs as designed. No more excuses. I needed to toughen up if I wanted the results I was seeing posted. I started posting on Barbie's Slim Spot and have never stopped. I quit eating at night and cut out all alcohol. I managed to lose 15 lbs before my reunion.

I continued on with Slim Series, and credit that program with building my endurance and literally shrinking my body everywhere. My results from Slim Series led to one of my favorite moments – being asked at a party by a young doctor/friend if I have any loose skin. I remember laughing and saying “No, thanks to Debbie.” I will always be grateful to Beachbody and Debbie for those workouts. My screen name in the BB community is Readitup, and as a children’s librarian, it is a tribute to how Debbie’s programs have helped me bust the stereotype many have of librarians.

After the Slim Series, I was encouraged by others to try P90X – a program that I had convinced myself was too hard for me. The summer of 2008, I was ready to try P90X. As imperfect as my round was, I was always motivated. I was doing pushups and learning to like them. I continued on with Chalean Extreme and with Chalene’s encouragement, I began to consider myself an athlete for the first time in my life.

I have never stopped posting on the threads or pushing play. I have gone from 180 lbs to 132 lbs and feel so empowered. I know this is a cliché, but if I can do this than anyone can do it. I am not a perfectionist and do not let little missteps mess me up, because I have changed my lifestyle and am not going back to my old ways. I have evolved and realize that I do not do this to look good at an upcoming event, but to get strong and to stay healthy.

Today, 4-16-09, I began my second round of P90X and I am using a pull-up bar for this round. I will turn 50 in November and my goal is to be able to do 50 straight standard pushups and 5 unassisted pull-ups - one pushup for each year and one pull-up for each decade.

To have Kathy coach you to fitness, click here and then on Play the Game. It's free!


Kimberly Drever said...

Wow, Kathy! What an inspiration!!!

Rebecca West said...

holy moly you look incredible kathy!!!

Rebecca West
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