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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slim in 6 Success Story: Jenny Gets Fit

Dear Boys and Girls,

Didn't I tell you I was going to overwhelm you with success?! There are so many folks out there who have had amazing success using BeachBody products.

Meet Jenny, one of the awesome coaches on my team!

Barbie, PhD


Human memory is selective. Normally, we remember well the important moments in our life. I remember looking at a picture of myself after my 4th half-marathon in October of 2007, and thinking "This is unfair! All this training, all the pavement pounding - and look at these sagging sides and ugly rolls of fat!"

The rest of my story is typical - I saw the Slim In 6 commercial and thought - looks a lot like that class in my gym I can never make. The DVDs arrived in the beginning of November, and in a week I was let go from my very stressful job and faced the dead season as far as prospect of looking for a new one during the holiday season. I told myself – it‘s a good time to conduct a little experiment on me, to see if this old cow could do something about her body other then obsessing about it.

I was generally fit because I was a runner, and took body toning classes in the gym from time to time, but something was missing because the stubborn layers of fat were never going away. It left me feeling middle aged, worn-out, defeated… I did not expect a miraculous weight loss from Slim In 6. I told myself: worse come to worse, I would be in excellent shape for the ski season. Well, to my delight, it was excellent in more ways than I expected.

I was excited about all parts of the Slim In 6 program. The food guidelines were amazing and easy to follow. I felt like I finally got a key to the treasure box I had owned for years and but could never find out what was in it. Things finally made sense!!!

I found support
on the message boards and made friends . Friends were helping and motivating me and I was repaying with the same – something that was not present in my daily 3D life. That gave me the greatest satisfaction!!!
And on top of all of this, the 10 pounds that I hated to accept slowly melted away!

At this point I know I can take any of the BeachBody programs and apply them to achieve results that I want. Even more – having done this with my body, having been that excited about it made me think that doing other things in life that do not excite me are …a bit wasteful! Why settle for anything that is less satisfying?

I recently decided to become a coach and help others
on their personal journey of fitness and self-discovery! I'm here to help you!


To have Jenny coach you or to view her profile, click here and click on PLAY THE GAME.

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