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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tips To Success

Dear Boys and Girls,

I received the following email in my mailbox from Donna, one of the awesome coaches on my team. I wasn't even aware about some of the tools BeachBody has to offer even though I posted about the Club last week. See below.

And, omg! Donna had told me that she is using my transformation pictures as her screen saver for motivation, but seeing a picture of her screen made me blush! Hey, whatever works, kids!! Do it!! Thank you, Donna! I'm so touched and flattered.

Donna has lost over 20 lbs with Slim in 6 and P90X. Her son, Robb, had lost over 45 lbs in three months the last time I checked (back in May). Way to bring it, Donna and Robb!!

Your partner in success,

Barbie, PhD


Hello Peeps,

I thought I’d share some information on the dreaded other ½ of the fitness equation = Nutrition.

Admittedly so, this is my weakness! I’m terrible when it comes to food. The exercise part, I’m a lot better! After a year of doing Beachbody works, I’m happy to say I’m pretty consistent!! 5-6X a week. (but that was a struggle when I started).

So, what’s up with the food part? Bad habits, I guess. So I’m trying to arm myself with as much information as I can to really kick my fitness into overdrive. Here are some things I’ve learned (Donna-style, which for me, is the “dummies” version of stuff):

1. You need to find out how many calories you need daily. (duh!, well, for me I just guessed, not anymore). On the Beachbody page, you’ll see a tab called EAT SMART. Click it, then click CALORIE NEEDS. See my stats below. So now I know, I need to eat about 1800 cals.

2. WHAT THE HECK TO EAT? P90X has a great guide which tells me Tony’s recommendations on carbs, fat and protein. Well, under that same tab, EAT SMART, you’ll see something call MICHI’S LADDER. This is a great cheat-sheet for ideas. If you can get 85% of your items from Tier 1 and 2, you are pretty golden!

3. Meal Planner and shopping list. Again, punch in your info into the site and Beachbody gives you some menu planning and shopping list – cool beans.

4. JOURNAL! Now, for watching what I eat during the day, I use (free software that is super duper easy to use). I track my eats and I’m more aware of what the heck I’ve eaten and what I have left.


1. Hold yourself accountable!

a. Tell everyone your goals – let people know what you are doing!

b. Journal your food! I hate doing this, but it’s great for awareness. Even if you do it sporadically, just try it!

2. De-junkify your house! Really – throw that ice cream and those twinkies out

3. Use the Beachbody message boards! I’m telling you….that’s where my coach stayed in touch with me and got me through my tough times.

4. REMEMBER to ADJUST YOUR CALORIC needs every 10 pounds you lose!! If you’ve hit a plateau, it could be a combination of your calories and your workout – look at both.

5. If you are a traveler – don’t eat off the menu! That’s right; have them cook what you can eat! I know, I don’t do it either, I feel funny, but it makes all the difference.

6. FIND A MOTIVATOR. Here is a picture of my wall paper on my computer: My awesome coach BARBIE! She has been my inspiration and I can only hope I can inspire you guys – pay it forward! What’s great about Barbie, she’s a real person! Yes, she didn’t just come out of the womb this way…she works her butt off! But look what happens when you do….RESULTS! (And did I mention she won $1,000 from Beachbody – transformation story – I think I did 10 times before)

Keep in touch!

Donna Kinch

Independent RUBY Beachbody Coach

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