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Monday, July 27, 2009

Eating Clean as a Super Busy Mom

Dear Boys and Girls,

I was just catching up on my forum, Barbie's Slim Spot, when I came across the following posts. I love the Slim Spot because of everyone's willingness to help each other out. This post is for all the moms out there who are wondering how they will be able to bring it and eat clean despite their busy schedules.

It is possible, as Christine shows, you just have to do a little prep work.

Bring it!
Barbie, PhD


Hi Barbie, I have a nine month old and since she was born I came within 10 pounds of my prebaby weight and went back to work after maternity leave and am almost back up to what I was when I delivered! OOPS!! I have been eating out...mostly chicken strips and french fries for at least dinner and usually not something great for lunch. I saw the infomercial on TV. I am very excited and think if I get into a routine I will do great. I am only 24 and have never had to lose weight before so I am really new to this. I grew up eating great and did pretty well through college. I don't keep junk in the house, I don't drink soda, or much candy or sweets. My problem is going out to eat and not having any activity! I am a teacher and also going to grad school and a single mom! Help ME!!!!

Christine's Response:

You sound motivated, and trust me, that is HALF THE BATTLE! You have really full days (mommy, work, school) and you are aware of where your problems are: Clean meal preparation, and finding time to pp (press play). The easiest things to fit in your busy schedule, are doing an exercise DVD on YOUR schedule and powerwalking with your angel in a stroller. Plan your week ahead of time, write your workouts in and STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE.

For the meal planning: What I do is, is cook batches on school vacations and in the summer. ALWAYS BE READY! I have a HUGE lunch box I bring to work, and I pack lunch and TWO SNACKS (string cheese and crackers, greek yogurt and berries, cereal, nuts and raisins, apple or celery and peanut butter.) and 32 oz of water EVERYDAY.

1. Cook a crockpot of weight watchers chili, and seperate it into 1.5 cup portions and freeze it, eat with a salad.

2. Brown five pounds of lean ground beef or turkey and bag them in 6 oz. portions. (I grab a bag of frozen ground turkey and mix it with a whole can of low-sodium, low fat organic soup - like Amy's or Health Valley, and a small tossed salad and half a peanut butter and banana sandwich on protein bread and I am STUFFED!)

3. Grill POUNDS of chicken breast, cube it up and bag 4 to 6 oz servings. Add to salads, soups, toss with frozen mixed veggies.

4. Roast huge batch of cubed root veggies - In a roasting pan, toss cubed sweet potato, turnip, acorn and butternut squash, parsnip, carrot (etc, whatever) 1T rosemary and chopped onion in olive oil (2 T) and pinch of salt. Roast at 375 for 25 min. Turn oven up to 450 and roast 10 minutes more. Separate into cup servings and freeze. I eat this mixed with cubed chicken or as side dish with a protein.

5. Separate leftovers into portions and freeze.

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