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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Barbie Wants Your Feedback on Shaun T's INSANITY!

Dear Boys and Girls,

The other day I posted that because of my foot issues (plantaar fasciitis), I had decided to mix Chalean Extreme resistance workouts with Insanity. Once again after giving it much thought--actually, my feet were the ones doing the thinking and feeling--I have decided to let my foot pain heal before attempting to continue with Insanity.

From a coaching standpoint, I admit, I'm annoyed! I like to be able to tell folks about what a certain program can do for them. And from a fitness standpoint, I want the crazy, natural high that follows such an intense workout, not to mention the falling pants. But, I can't do it. The thought of jumping and doing high-impact work three times a week is making me not look forward to my workouts.

So: instead of forcing myself to do something that will hurt my feet and my spirits, I am letting go of Insanity for now. I am going for Chalean Extreme all the way. When my foot gets better, I will incorporate Insanity workouts here and there, as I have done with Turbo Jam, Tony's One-on-One, and Hip Hop Abs. Once again, I feel good about my decision!

I would, however, love people's feedback on Insanity. If you could kindly post your thoughts in the COMMENTS section, that would be much appreciated! I want others to be able to benefit from your feedback!

Here are some questions you might like to address:
What do you like? What don't you like? What changes have you seen?

Bring it, folks! Your friend in fitness,

Barbie, PhD


Coach Teresa said...

First, let me share what I don't like Insanity...well, it is hard! Like lots of sweat, heart pumping and yes...breath catching wo! To share the good side of it, I enjoy it because it makes me sweat like crazy. My body is still feeling the soreness but in a good way. I am starting week 2 and have noticed I can push a little harder and longer compared to day 1. I noticed that my body getting smaller. Yes, no bulking up, which I did with my other wo. :) Also, people have been noticing changes! Just 1 week! I am happy. But, I do try my best to follow the nutrition plan though and less calories compared to what it recommended me take. Well, that's all I can share, INSANE wo, but NICE!

Anonymous said...

Barbie - firstly I LOVE Insanity! I did not even want to buy this workout series as I thought I preferred doing resistance training, but really I was just being lazy and hated that breathless, sweaty way you get with cardio workouts. I also was not so keen on Shaun T's other DVD's so thought he'd be annoying. But now, after only one week, I LOVE IT! Why? 1. Because it is challenging 2. Because it gives me a super HIGH 3. Because even after a week I have improved greatly 4. It seems to improved my cardio so much that I can now mountain-bike up trails which I haven't been able to get up in 7 years! I feel INVINCIBLE! 5. Shaun T is awesome in these workouts...inspiring.. has great form and, of course, is nice on the eyes ;)
What don't I like? It's hard and I get sweaty :)

admin said...

I guess the difference between p90 and insanity is one builds muscle more than the other?? Hmmm.. I think I will go with insanity.
I already purchased it from this site

Shaun T Insanity