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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shaun T Talks to the BeachBody Community

Dear Boys and Girls,

There was a call last night for BeachBody customers with Shaun T, the creator of Insanity. Someone on my forum, Barbie's Slim Spot, was kind enough to tell us about the call, which included tips about the workouts. I thought it was worth posting here.

Thank you, Kim!

Bring it,
Barbie, PhD


I was on the conference call this evening with Shaun T! He discussed growing up as a kid and being so shy he wouldn't go to his first day of football practice as a kid. He has a brother and was raised by his mom.

In high school he fell in love w/running. (He was a hurdler.)

In college he majored in communications but then switched to a Sports Science degree. He gained 50 pounds in college! He was required to teach an aerobics workout in one of his classes but thought he was too cool for that so he started teaching a Hip Hop workout. He had to teach new moves every week so he said he was always buying new videos to incorporate new moves!

As for Insanity, one person asked if they could do dual programs. Shaun said that you should NOT do anymore than 45 minutes to an hour of intense training, but it is okay to add in some biceps, shoulders, and back resistance training each week.

Then I asked about what happens after day 60? He said you should take a month off from Insanity. Then either add it in to a resistance program like P90X such as 3 days resistance and 3 days Insanity. He said it was okay to do the Core Cardio and Balance and the Sports DVD after you are done with Insanity, but the rest should wait for at least a month. Then he said if you start over, start from day 1 all over again. Do not start from Month 2!

May Insanity be with you.


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Beachbody said...

Hello Coach Barbie! Would love to know more about you! You can also check out my site to know my own experiences as a Beachbody coach. Keep going!