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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barbie's Voting for Jeffrey Armbruster

Dear Boys and Girls,

After voting for myself this morning, I cast a vote for my friend Jeffrey, a truly awesome guy. He went to elementary and high school with my boyfriend Jason, who introduced him to the program that would change his life.

I'm cutting and pasting a note he posted on facebook this morning. I feel honored to know you, Jeff. Good luck, buddy!!!




It's that time again!!! the 2009 Beachbody Million Dollar Body Game is in FULL SWING and the Quarter 2 Voting time is here. It's time to log into and VOTE for the 1 man and 1 woman who you think is most worthy of winning the quarterly $10,000 prize and a spot in the 2009 MDB Finals!!!

As one of the finalists in the Mens competition I want to say first and foremost we are ALL winners already for what we have accomplished. The biggest prize I have ALREADY received and that is getting my fitness back, my health back, and my meeting so many wonderful people along the way! For that Beachbody has already given me all I need!

Considering where I came from and the roads I had to travel in relationship to poor health after living with Ulcerative Colitis, It just shows that Anyone can do this and be in this position!

In addition I'm being given the opportunity to become a coach! Spreading the word and helping others find the road to fitness is also such a wonderful prize! Its so rewarding to be able to Pay it forward and give back to so many what I got in the lines of support and help along the way in my journey.

Beachbody is a way of life for me now and Thank U to so many for being in this position I am in today. I am truly blessed..

To Jason my Coach! Thank U for being there for me and showing me the way brother. Your kindness and caringness is part of the reason I am here. This is yours as much as it is mine!

Barbie, Also one of the finalists and someone I have gotten to know very well thru Jason, I am honored to share the Month of April with U!! Please all Consider Barbie for Your Female Vote! She deserves it!

Tony, Mark...What can I say!! U guys are HUGE inspirations and one of my driving forces everyday I hit the GYM...Thank You Tony for providing the Blueprint for Millions of us to Succeed! It was a lot of Fun working out with U in June and meeting U! Mark, Thank U for pushing that Blueprint to the limits and showing us whats Possible!

To my Fam and Friends and all I tagged..Thanks for putting up with Me! Dana (My Sanity and My Life), Janelle, Jeff, Mel..U all know who U are..Ur all an inspiration to me too..

Good Luck to all the contestants!

Jeffrey Armbruster

P.S. If U don't have a FREE Beachbody acct please go here and create one and Vote for the best candidates in Your Heart!

Sign-up here: *Jeffrey will become your coach if you sign up here*

We're all Winners in my Book!


Anonymous said...

I voted for you and Jeff Barbie.


Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Thank you, Adam!! I really appreciate it!

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