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Saturday, August 8, 2009

P90X Success Story

Dear Boys and Girls,

Tonight I wanted to share one of my coachee's success stories. I have to admit, I can't take any of the credit. Johnny is super knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I just happen to be his coach. Anyway, when I asked him how much weight he had lost (he was obviously not fat, just not super fit), his response didn't surprise me, only because I know exactly what he means.

Congratulations, Johnny! I'm super duper proud of you and happy for all the positive changes in your life!

The X!

Barbie, PhD


Hi Barbie,

I haven't had much of a weight change, I've stayed within 20 lbs probably. I'd say that the biggest changes have been internal.

I used to be a really moody, pessimistic, and dissatisfied person. Those attitudes inside me have taken a U-turn since I've been on the X. Nowadays when people ask me how I'm doing, I don't say "great" as a canned response, I really mean it! Also gone are the low blood sugar induced mood swings because I didn't eat properly.

I'm at a good place in life. I'm positive, optimistic, and dare I say it, happy! The challenges that I face in my own life don't feel as overwhelming as they used to. Granted, having a few more years under my belt, and advancing professionally have contributed as well, but I'd point to my fitness as being the major factor in all of that.

You know as well as any that sticking to this kind of program for this long isn't easy, but it has definitely been rewarding. It's no longer, at this point, something that I'm trying to attain, but it is now a part of me. It's what I do.


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