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Friday, August 7, 2009

Keep Movin', Get Fit

Dear Boys and Girls,

A couple of years ago my friend Jennifer told me that she lost over 30 lbs by walking. I had a hard time believing that. What's more, she mostly walked in front of the screen. (I think the program is called Walk Away the Pounds.) Okay, that's boring, but it worked apparently!

Now I get it. All thanks to my Bodybugg. Ya, I got over the technical annoyances and it's working just fine.

Hm, I still think it's a fancy (expensive) gadget, but I think some gadgets might be worth it after all. But, wait! Before you go out and spend your precious dollars, Listen Up! I honestly think that you can learn from my lessons on the bugg without having to spend a penny.

In a nutshell, the lesson is: the more you move, the more you burn! It all counts!!!

Once in a while I get emails from folks saying that they so want to get in shape, but that they just can't afford to buy a BeachBody program. Now more than ever my advice is:

Clean up your eating (that includes tracking your food intake with on, which is free) and take long walks! Just move as much as you can!

According to my bodybugg, I have to burn 2250 calories per day and consume 1400 (per day) in order to lose a pound a week. Well, eating 1400 calories is the easy part. The biggest surprise for me has been the realization that burning 2250 calories is NOT EASY! In order to do so, I have to workout once a day and take two hour long walks. Now, the fitter you become, the more efficient does your body become, too. That means you have to work harder to keep achieving results. That's fine, I'll take it!

Wait, am I saying that there's no hope for walkers and non BeachBody or active people? No, I'm saying that the more you move, the more you burn. Turbo Jam, Insanity, Slim in 6, they all help me burn about 300 calories. That leaves me with 1950 calories left to burn. That's a lot of calories.

Yes, of course, working out with weights and doing set programs will get you the body you want (I really don't think I could have achieved these results without BB programs), but what if you're broke? You can still walk the weight off! You can take the stairs to fitness! You can keep a clean house and get fit at the same time. I swear, I burned 300 calories this morning cleaning the apartment and 200 while walking my dogs. I only burned 200 with Chalean Extreme yesterday. Again, CE will help me sculpt and burn the calories way faster. But, if you're stuck on a plateau or just trying to make ends meet, JUST WALK SOME MORE!

Ya, I never thought I'd be so excited about moving. But, I'm happy to report that I have also broken my plateau. The number on the scale is going down, down, down.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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Anonymous said...

Typo! I meant I don't think I could have achieved these results WITHOUT BB programs. They took all the guesswork out.