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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can You Be a Busy Mom **AND** Be Fit?

Dear Boys and Girls,

I'm not a mom, so a lot of times it is difficult for me to try to convince women who write me (grrr, especially my childhood friends) that you can be a busy mom AND be fit! What I love about BeachBody is the community spirit and the fact that it is made up of such a diverse group of people.

So, this morning on Facebook, I posted the following status update:

Barbie Decker is inviting all the BUSY, FIT MOMS to post. Please show my childhood girlfriends that moms +2, or 3, or more CAN FIND THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR HEALTH and FITNESS!

One by one, busy fit moms posted! YES, It can be done!! Hallelujah!!!

Thank you, ladies, for coming through. My hat off to you for taking care of yourselves!!! Keep on bringing it!!!

Barbie, PhD


Here are their responses:

Yep have to make it priority....I have 3 boys! It is a change you have to make for yourself.

Mom of 2 always making TIME here :)

I am a mother of 4!!! It can be done.☺ I am a positive and fit person now. My two youngest are four and thirteen, so you know I am busy, But exercise is a part of my daily routine like brushing my teeth and showering.

I used to use the excuse I was too busy or tired to workout with a new baby, but that was 70lbs ago :) Those 70 didn't come off until I started to take care of myself first. I will say I am a MUCH better mom because of it! ♥

I have 2 kiddos! I gained 40 lbs with each, maxing out at 160 pounds. It wasn't until P90X that I lost my weight. I didn't think it was possible. I was a gym rat for a while, and that did NOTHING after my second baby. P90X..well that's what got me super fit!!
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I have 3 kids and workout every day. I use it as my "me" time and step out of the mom mode for a bit.

i have 3 kids (13, 10 & 8) i am up 5am (m-f and 7am on Sat) to exercise.. my eating is an example to my kids.. i am responsible for their health so I set that example.. hardwork and dedication is applied in everything that they do not just school work or extra curricular activities.. i am fit and healthy and my children understand that its a part of OUR lives not just mine...

I only have one child, but I made time to exercise even when she was little and very demanding of my time. Ange made a good point! That's why I LOVE home workouts...because I'm doing it in FRONT of her...not going off to some gym where she doesn't see the good example!

I just have the toddler and the little one on the way, but working full time and having a family means mom's health can easily be put on the backburner. Healthy and happy mom means healthy and happy kids, which is why I make the time to be healthy and work out every day, even while I'm pregnant and exhausted!

I have a 5 years old and always find time to workout. He likes to workout with me is like playtime !

I have a 9 month old and by getting my butt up in the morning before everyone else woke up, I lost 29 pounds since December. And if I can do it, anyone can!

OK! I'm part of those "busy moms" With 4 kids (7,9,11,13) I've been trainig with beachbody 4-6x/week for more than 2 years now. My tip: PLAN!!! You know what kind of day you will have with luches to prepare, homework to supervise, work to do, laundry... Fit your workout in there AHEAD!

Barbie Decker
Omg! This is incredible!!!! THANK YOU, LADIES!!! THANK YOU for sharing!! Keep em coming! I'm gonna make this into a note, post it on my blog, blast it out!!!

Remember....what is "Wow" upside down? ...."Mom". ♥

me, with a 2-year-old and a 9 month old. Just hit my pre-second-baby weight!

I've got 2 boys and started working out after I had my 2nd. I get up early and that way it is done before I get too tired and busy! I've been working out early in the morning for over 9 years now. EVERYONE can do it - if they just set their mind to it.

I have triplets and have worked out every morning since they were born. They are 10 yo. Now they sometimes join in for a move here and there. Whenever I take a day off they ask "aren't you going to workout today?" How's that for accountability? LOL


Finsmom said...

I am a mom of 2 under 5, and even though we are CRAZY busy, my husband and I make the time to work out 6 days a week. When my youngest (2) goes to bed, my oldest (4.5) comes down stairs and colors while we do P90X. Sometimes she joins us - she has her own yoga mat and pink 1 pound weights. I think it is important to teach her these kind of healthy habits, and that by being in shape I am being a good role model for my kiddos.

When we were at the grocery store the other day, my oldest asked for a treat, and I told her she could pick anything she wanted. She passed by the junk food and actually chose a mango. The week before she chose a kiwi. I couldn't be more proud of the healthy habits we are teaching her.

Having kids and being busy is no excuse for not working out and eating garbage. I think it becomes even more important, as the things you do and eat now are making a huge impact on the little ones watching you.

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