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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I WON $10,000 for My Transformation with BeachBody!!!!

Dear Boys and Girls,

Omg, My cup runneth over. Both my buddy JEFFREY AMBRUSTER and I each won $10,000 for our transformations using BeachBody products.

I'm a crying mess today. I don't think I've processed it all. I just feel...overwhelmed and joyous.

I'll be back later today or tomorrow once I recollect myself and gather my thoughts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (I'm totally crying!) to all those who voted for me: my 3D friends and family (my Jason, of course), my friends on Barbie's Slim Spot, my facebook friends, my blog readers, and everyone else who has ever supported me on the journey. Now I'm really crying.

Really, you have no idea how you all have been my greatest motivator. And when I started this journey, I had no idea how helping others along the way as a coach would change me in so many ways. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better. As a result of my experience with BeachBody, I've become more understanding, less judgmental, a better teacher, a team player, a better leader...and I have truly come to understand that EVERYTHING is possible if you BELIEVE and WORK HARD to achieve it. THANK YOU.

Keep pushing play and making your dreams happen!

And oh, if you thought I was determined and committed before, you ain't seen nothing yet! I'm ready to enter a new phase of fitness and personal growth. Join me!

Your friend in fitness and happiness,

Barbie, PhD


kandazzle said...

Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you! Lol, I was telling people at work about it today.

<3 Cassie

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbie, congrats to you both. Thanks for all you do and always updating your blog.


Stacey said...

Congratulations Barbara! That is so awesome! You deserve it! Keep inspiring the masses girl!


Anonymous said...

congrats barbie!!!!!!!!!!! i knew u'd win! (i swear!)

u truly are an inspiration.

from: bermy lurker

Anonymous said...

Thank you, guys!!! <3 I really am going to give it 110% for the FINALS!!!! Seriously, join me on this awesome journey if you haven't already!!!

screwdestiny said...

That's amazing, Barbie! Congrats!