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Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Mother's P90X Success Story

Dear Boys and Girls,

I only recently realized that I work with a lot of moms. I think many women that I speak to who say they want to make a change, don't actually get started because they are afraid that they can't. Many think that the challenges of being a mom are just too much to be able to fit in a workout.

I would like nothing better than to dispel that notion by providing my readers with overwhelming proof of the opposite! We all live busy lives. It's truly up to us to create the time to fit our workouts in.

Here is my coachee's P90X success story.

The X!
Barbie, PhD


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced as you were trying to get in shape? How did you overcome them? What are some of the challenges you face now?

The biggest challenge was finding time. When my daughter was first born I didn't know what I was doing. I was breast feeding on demand and trying to tend to her every time she cried. It was pretty tough. She cried every time I put her down so I was literally carrying her around 24 hours a day. We finally found a book that talked about scheduling and how it benefits the whole family. So we did it and it made all the difference. Everyone has to do their own thing, but keeping to a schedule has been a life saver for me. I have a daily time when I work out built in to the schedule and it works pretty well most of the time. It is at 4:00 am, so it does take some discipline to get up and do it, but I love getting it done and I always feel more energized the whole day when I do it.

After she was born I didn't do any working out for those first six months. I got so weak. P90X was just the thing to get me out of that rut. I liked that it worked the whole body. I have always been weak in my upper body, but I now have a stronger upper body than I have ever had in my life. It makes a big difference when I am playing with my daughter to have the energy and the strength to keep up with her.

The other struggle that I am having more and more as she gets bigger is with food. She loves anything that is unhealthy. Typical kid right? I guess when it comes to food schedule is key again. It helps to have regular times when we eat every day and a plan to have healthy foods at those times. The other thing is just being a mean mom. I make healthy food and that is all there is to eat. If she doesn't want it, too bad. I never force her to eat if she doesn't want to, but I try to make sure that there are always healthy options.

Keeping the fridge stocked is also super helpful. She loves strawberries and other fruits. I make blended green smoothies every day to make sure she is getting her greens. Usually spinach or other leafy greens in those. I also let her see me enjoying healthy foods. So far so good! I am pretty lucky that we are starting so young with her.



screwdestiny said...

Wow, she looks awesome! Life is all about working out your priorities. There are a hundred things that we want to do/other people want us to do, but we have to figure out what's the most important and take it from there.

Nicole Jones said...

How long did it take you to get from your before to after? I just had my 2nd child 3 months ago and am starting up P90x again...never could do the whole 90 days:( You look so amazing and are my inspiration:) So hopefully I can do the whole 90 days and then feel up to another 90!

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

You know, everything takes time. You see and celebrate the small results, and they eventually add up. I think maybe starting with P90X is too much too soon. What about P90 or Slim in 6? Email me if you need help.