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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The BeachBody Community: Great Times at the Game Plan

Jason Diebold, CEO Carl Deikeler, and me

Dear Boys and Girls,

In the past ten days I've gone from Dallas, to the Tony Horton Fitness Camp in Philly, to my friends and family in New York, to the BeachBody Coaching Game Plan in California, and back to Dallas.

I'm home. Home sweet home, and glad. I had a blast, but my body and mind, as you know, have been hungry for stability and balance.

But, I can't deny it, I feel PUMPED about life and so fortunate to have met (and to continue to meet) so many amazing people on this BeachBody journey.

These were pictures taken at the BeachBody Game Plan. All of these are my coaching friends or folks who work at BeachBody headquarters, many of whom have become friends. It sounds cheesy to say, but it's true: we are truly a BeachBody family.

This is me and Heather, one of the first women I ever coached and who is now a coach.

After two years I finally got to meet MY coach, TheFitDoc, Kevin Kane. I admit, I got a little emotional when I saw him. He's a good man with a good soul.

And here are Jason, Jackie, and Chika fooling around. Jackie and Chika work at BeachBody. Um, I don't know how to rotate the picture!

The two ladies on the right, Breanna and Dolores, are both Success Stories Specialists. They are looking for you!!! If you have had great results, I can put you in contact with them! The lady on the left is a fellow BeachBody customer and coach, Donna.

This is my Jason and his enviable abs!!!

I count Coni as one of my favorite people ever!

Oooh, forgive me, Michael, I'm not good with titles. Michael Niemand is head honcho in marketing and sales, let's say. He's also terrific on stage and I think enjoys wearing silly costumes at BeachBody events. I think he wore a Shakeology costume at the Summit in March. I really enjoy chatting with him about all sorts of stuff, including my my research.

Milan and Kevin Jensen. They are my upline sponsors. Good people and great speakers. Love their voices.

I'm a total geek with glasses, but that's me. I love this pic. We're kind of hams. :) I feel so happy to have met a man who understands and shares my BeachBody passion.

I could post more pics, but I figure that's enough for today. I'm eager to share some of the Philly Camp pictures. Going to camp was fun and just a special experience. It's just really great to spend your time with like-minded people.

So, I'm back and happy to be so. As far as my quest for balance, I've scheduled some dinners and workouts with friends for next week. Learning to balance research, coaching, and play isn't easy, but I am a work in progress, moving in the right direction.

Your friend in fitness,
Barbie, PhD


PuckHead said...

I am the lucky one!!!!

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Babe, this is so old! I'm glad you found this post!