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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will Work For Abs: Barbie's Latest Progress Pics


Dear Boys and Girls,

I just got back from a weekend at Tony Horton's Fitness Camp in Honolulu, Hawaii. What a blast and what a challenge!

The workouts and the camaraderie were amazing. It was truly a special time and a special camp. The setting I'm sure had something to do with it. :) I'll be posting pictures of the Hawaii camp experience over the weekend, but for now I'd like to talk about RESULTS.

Boys and Girls, can you see them? Dare I say it? I am finally, finally getting abs! I am finally getting as lean and muscular as I have wanted to be.

I get emails all the time from frustrated folks who wonder why they still have "the pudge" in their belly after a round of the X or another Beachbody program. If you have been following my progress, then you know it's taken me a good two years of working out religiously and experimenting with clean eating to get this far.

Great results take work. And yes, I will work for abs.

Unless you're already fit, you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you think awesome results will happen overnight. CHANGE IS A PROCESS.

While they had "clean foods" at the Outrigger Hotel where the camp was held, it was challenging to be surrounded by muffins and unlimited supplies of food at the buffet. I made a promise to myself before I left for camp: I am going to leave fitter than I came. And yes, I think I did. I worked out with Tony Horton twice a day, brought my own oatmeal, rice cakes, and almond butter, and had my Hawaiian Beachbody friends bring me boiled sweet potatoes. But, still, I had to make the best choices from the food at the buffet.

It wasn't easy. Despite my very best efforts to eat clean, I had to eat the sodium-filled and probably fat-bathed chicken or fish offered by the hotel restaurant. All in all, I did pretty darn well, even though I would have wanted to have more control over how my food was cooked. I can honestly say that I gave 100% and left feeling, um, still a little bloated with all the sodium that my body is not used to, but better than I ever have on vacation!

Boys and girls, life is about the choices we make. What kept me motivated to stick to my super duper clean diet? My results and visualizing my best body. Oh, and I also asked Jason to help me stick to my plan.

The time to stop making excuses is NOW. If you're not working out and you're not eating clean AND you want to get fit, then you're making excuses.

When will it be your turn to get fit?

Your friend in fitness,
Barbie, PhD

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screwdestiny said...

Well, I don't really see how your body could get any better than it is now. Obviously people are always striving to improve, but your body looks pretty amazing right now. Good job, Barbie. You deserve it.