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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When You Struggle, Show Up Anyway

Dear Boys and Girls,

The past few days have been emotionally challenging, which means Barbie has been craving her bed and bonbons.

I haven't given in, but I have allowed myself an extra brown ricecake or two (!) with peanut butter. Ooh, big cheat.

Today I put off working out until I could no longer put it off. If I didn't get my cardio in by 2pm, the opportunity would have been lost. I seized it.

Folks always want to know what they should do when life gets in the way. You show up, I say! It's the one thing you can control and eating well balanced meals along with exercising will make you feel better. That's a fact. To change into your workout clothes can feel like such a drag, but you'll thank yourself afterward.

Every second of cardio today felt like torture. But, every ten minutes that went by was like a miniature celebration. Yey, I'm that much closer to being done with it. Yea, wouldn't it be nice if we always felt like bringing it. Let's get real, folks, sometimes we would rather be eating pizza, sleeping, or doing something else entirely unproductive.

Another day of clean eating and pressing play is in the books. Hurray, although it hardly seems eventful.

Doesn't it suck when Barbie's not in her cheerleader mode? I personally hate it. It sucks my creativity and makes me write boring blog posts.

Mama said there would be days like these. Indeed. But it's by showing up regardless that I get abs, finally.

For those of you in the challenge: Day 3, almost done. Just keep showing up. You're one step closer.

For those not in on the challenge, you can still resolve to make some changes so you can be a fitter, healthier you tomorrow.

Bring it!
Barbie, PhD

1 comment:

Marsha said...

Wow, I'm sorry things are so tough, but your post is inspirational. "You show up." Though it's that simple, it's also just that hard. Thanks for sharing, and I hope things get better soon.