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Friday, March 19, 2010

Passion and Freedom


Dear Boys and Girls,

It's ironic that I feel the need to blog about passion and freedom while being dead tired tonight. But I just have to share.

Yesterday I achieved a dream that had never really been a dream prior to, um, maybe last month: I became a Five Star Diamond Coach. It was never my intention to grow a business. I distinctly remember the night I called my coach to tell him that I wanted to coach, but asked him to please never talk to me about the business. I wasn't interested in making money. Somehow, in my mind, doing what I love and getting paid for it, conflicted with each other.

I just did what I did and, organically, coaching just sort of grew into this "thing." Ya, it's totally awesome that I am able to earn a living, a real living, helping other people get fit without feeling like I'm hustling. I felt this incredible sense of freedom this evening as I treated myself to a pair of shoes at DSW. Yea, they were only 49.99, but I don't know, something about not having to worry if I'd break the bank if I bought these shoes gave me an incredible sense of freedom and comfort.

Lately, more and more folks have been reaching out to me to sign up as coaches, not because they're hungry for money, but because the idea of doing something that they love and being able to earn an income doing it speaks to them. This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with two incredible women. The first was my very own life coach, Mary Coussons-Read, who recently decided to become a coach on my team. Her mission? To help women be fit in their forties! You can check out her blog at I also spoke with Gwen, a BB customer, mom, and triathlete who wants to combine her personal training experience along with BeachBody. Her true passion? To help young girls improve their self esteem and get fit "from the inside out."

I guess what I'm getting at is that being a coach has allowed me to wear a hat that I never even dreamed of. I simply wanted to inspire and help people get fit. But being a successful coach is affording me the opportunity to help other men and women pursue and achieve their dreams and life passions within and beyond the realm of fitness. Now, that, boys and girls, is indescribably cool.

Barbie, PhD


Jesse said...

Great Job! I want to be just like you.... LOL.. She is going places guys you should follow her all the way.

Jesse Miller

getfitwithshelby said...

CONGRATS Barbie, your very inspiring!!!

screwdestiny said...

Your story is amazing. I want to be a coach someday but I worry that I wouldn't be that good. I'm glad you've had such success with it.

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Hey girl,

Um, you have three blogs, you keep up with me daily, your own workouts, you have a job, and are committed to your fitness. SOMEDAY...girlllllllll, stop waiting. It's been 2 years for me and I am LOVING WHAT I DO and I truly believe you could have success with it. IT really depends how much time and effort you can put in. If it means helping five people a month, GREAT! IT could mean helping 1000 via blogging. All you have to do is CARE and then be CONSISTENT. When you do what you love, the money comes. It's honestly an amazing thing.

I'll write to you later. You're one of my only blog posters and I sometimes blog FOR YOU (and Adam!). I feel guilty when I'm away! You keep me coming back.

So, I WANT YOU TO JOIN THE TEAM! And I would help you every step of the way as long as you meet me half way!

Hugs, and now you better go to my other blog: