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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You are not a snowflake

Have you ever told yourself or wondered that maybe your body is different than other people's, that perhaps you're just not physiologically capable of losing weight? I mean, you diet hard and exercise like a maniac, what else could it be?!

OMG! How'd she know, you might be saying.

Boys and Girls, I know because I've been there, done that. Before I stumbled upon Slim in 6, I was beginning to feed myself the story that perhaps my bone structure had changed in my thirties. This, I told myself, was maybe the way I was supposed to look at 33. (Never mind that I had been fit all of my adult life. I guess my frustration made all logic fly out the window.) I had almost convinced myself that my glory days were behind me. Ugh. How very depressing...

...and how very untrue!

I have to break it to you, but you are not a SNOWFLAKE. You are not as unique as you think. When it comes to your ability to lose weight or get fit, not being one of a kind is a good thing! Whether you're skinny or fat, young or old, you really can transform your body. Okay, now that I've told you that you are not that unique, I should mention that individual results will vary. :)

If you want to want to see results, whether you want to drop 50 lbs or just tone up, you have to BRING IT IN THE KITCHEN! That means eating five to six small meals a day. Rid yourself of the notion that you need to eat less to lose more. That will only make you cranky and keep you from making progress.

You also need to have a clearly outlined exercise program that you stick to. This is why BeachBody programs are so great. They really do take out almost all of the guess work.

So, if you're thinking that maybe being fit is not within your reach, think again, and just tell yourself that you are not a snowflake.

Now, let's BRING IT!


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Mandy said...

Barbie, your blog rocks! It's like you're reading our minds! Keep it up, we love the daily deep thoughts! :D

Coach Barbie said...

Mandy, you do love me!!

Licia said...

I also thought that my body was the way it was supposed to be, after completing a different program and still looking like a blob! I figured that I needed to embrace my body the way that it was...fortunately I decided to give it one more shot...doing something different...what do you know I was wrong!!!

Barbie, I love your blog...I have been here many times!

Coach Barbie said...

I love the blob comment, Licia! I know what you mean! I'm glad that you're finally seeing results with the X!

Coach Jenny said...

Barb, how funny: we all go thru similar stages of denial regarding weight loss. Wondering the deset,haha. Thankfully we found a map. Keep up your beautiful log!