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Friday, May 9, 2008

Are the BeachBody Success Pictures for Real?!

Boys and Girls,

One of my coachees just wrote to me to voice his concern about what might be construed as the "misleading" nature of the BeachBody success photos, including the ones I posted of Mark Briggs a few days ago.

In the same vein, I have heard a lot of folks on the forums voice their disappointment when they don't achieve the same results as the ones they see on the pictures in the BeachBody brochures and on tv.

I take these concerns to heart and would like to address them here.

From the very first post on my blog, I have tried to stress that CHANGE IS A PROCESS. For those of you who read my posts on the forums, you will agree that it is a point I make almost daily. After nine months of bringing it in the kitchen and on the mat, I am finally beginning to see my abs. I am, we all are, a work in progress.

When I posted Marg Briggs' picture it was with the intent to show you how far an individual can come with persistent hard work and dedication. If you look at his profile,, he details his BeachBody journey by talking about all the different programs he has completed.

Moreover, so as not to give my blog readers and coachees the impression that Barbie achieved these results in just six weeks, I created BARBIE'S PHOTO GALLERY (see link on the right of the screen), where people can see the many stages of development my body has undergone.

Oh, yes, CHANGE IS A PROCESS. I am STILL working on my back fat. To expect to have a beachbody in six weeks when you have been a couch-potato for a good portion of your life is setting yourself up for most certain disappointment and failure.

I do wish BeachBody would stress that point more in their informecials. I, however, have no control over that.

I am an Independent Team BeachBody Coach, truly committed to helping people make lasting changes in their life, not out to dupe people into thinking that BeachBody products offer some six-week miracle cure. That would go against everything I believe in and would make me a charlatan.

So, kids, when you see the before and after photos in the brochures and on tv, please, please, please note that the time it may have taken to achieve the results between the two photos will in most cases have been more than a few weeks.

That said, I invite my peeps to continue posting their PROGRESS PHOTOS in the PHOTO GALLERY.

Bring it!



Anonymous said...

All I have to say is. I look better! I feel better! I am better!, than I have been in 13yrs!

Bring it on!!!


Coach Barbie said...


I'll be adding more in between pictures to my PHOTO GALLERY this weekend.

Hey, Wendy. How bout some progress pics in the photo gallery? We could always cut your head off if you like.

;) Barbie

MikeJ said...

Lookie, lookie, barbie's blog!
OK, so it has been here a while and I'm a little slow coming over to check it out.

Very well said and insightful as always. And for the record, I'm not afraid of SI6. Now that they are in the house, both SI6 and TJ are on the list of programs to try...or at least work into my routine. I'm not sure I can bring myself to completely put the weights down for that long. LOL


Anonymous said...

hi barbie, i only started reading ur blog when i found you on the beachbody forums last week, and yes i'm hooked! but i can't help but comment on this particular blog....i share the same frustration with the infomercials, when they do not disclose the real time on when they achive their "perfefct bodies", it really is misleading but i have to say, i've got nothing against these programs, i know it works, slim in 6 worked for me last july and also slim series then i stopped in december to february then i'm back with debbie since march until now, and i must say IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, I STILL AM. i dnt wanna stop now bcoz what i lose last year i just gained back when i stopped "seeing debbie". i'm way more committed now.

Anonymous said...

btw, i'm arvee girl from bermuda, i loove reading your blog! please keep it coming!

Coach Barbie said...

Hey, You guys!

Mike! I still remember the virtual horse you gave me for my B-day!

I know what you mean about missing the weights. I'm anxious to see TONY and P90X again! But I'm leaning out right now. ;)

Hi, Arvee from Bermuda! Join us on the forums, girl! Let's BRING IT!