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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Variety is Not Always the Spice of Life

Lately, I've noticed that many of the folks who successfully completed Slim in 6 and then moved on to complete other programs, such as Slim Series and/or P90X, are coming back for another round of Debbie's killer leg-lifts and lunges.

Another round of Slim in 6?! Are they crazy?

Not at all.

The same program that sometimes bored them to tears and that they probably vowed never to do again has turned itself into a tried and true, predictable friend and ally.


It's true. When you have a million things going on in your personal life and are feeling overwhelmed by them, variety is probably the last thing you need to throw into the equation. Adding an exercise program with a lot of different moves and routines (such as Slim Series or P90X) into the mix, when your cup is already full, can at times make your cup runneth over, and not in a good way.

Luckily, there's good ol' repetitive Slim in 6 to help us stay the course during the challenging moments of our journey. There is comfort in predictability and repetition. For those of us who have already completed a round of Slim in 6, there are no new moves to learn. After having survived 42 days of Start it Up, Ramp it Up, or Burn it Up, we could probably do the moves in our sleep. The great news is that we will still get an AWESOME and I mean AWESOME workout. Oh yes, Debbie delivers time and again. She is by no means a one-hit wonder.


A stressful life is not reason enough to stop Bringing it and to stop taking care of ourselves. If we wait for life to be perfect until we can get in shape, then we will never reach our destination.

When the going gets tough, reach for Slim in 6. You won't be sorry.

Bring it!



Anonymous said...

Barbie Great Stuff! Love You! Lizzybear

Anonymous said...

Barbie, You know how I was feelin about going back to SI6. But after day 1, I am stoked!! I had fantastic results with the first go round. I have not yet matched with any of the other programs I have been doing. So, I am just pumped to see what happens this round!!


Coach Barbie said...

You girls have me wanting to do a round of Slim in 6. I'm telling you, DEBBIE DELIVERS!!! I'm sure you'll both see great results!

Ange said...

girl you are so right... i am grabbing for my beloved si6 and rocking it come MOnday