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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ouch! My Knees! and Other Ouch Related Problems

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those of you who may be experiencing some knee pain from Debbie's killer lunges, below you'll find a series of tips from Debbie Siebers herself. She posted this on the Slim in 6 forums a little while back.


Debbie, our guru said:

Hi Everybody~
First of all, thanks for all your kind words, I really appreciate it and congrats on your fantastic results!

I know how tough it is to stick to such a structured program that can be somewhat repetitious 6 days a week, but I also know that with all that hard work and consistency, comes great results!! You just have to look at the big picture and know that every day you are getting stronger, leaner, and healthier! So, don't think about it, JUST PUSH PLAY AND START MOVING!! It will be over before you know it, and you will feel great! Anything worthwhile takes a little effort, and you are definitely worth it!

To answer a few of your questions:
If you are feeling pain in your knees when doing lunges with proper form, either don't go down as far or do a modified move. Lunges are a fantastic exercise, but if it is going to result in injury, it isn't worth it. Many people have this issue and it takes time to build up your strength, so don't overdo it. Be patient with yourself and go slower if you need to.

I would either substitute the front lunges with more alternating reverse lunges (less hard on the knees), plie's, a move to keep your heart rate up (get creative) or with leg extensions. You can do these sitting in a chair or laying on your back with your knees bent and feet on floor. Use angle weights if you want to. Keeping your knees together, just extend your right leg and then lower. Do 15-25 reps on each side. This works the front of your thigh and strengthens the ligaments/tendons around the knee. Partial squats are also great for strengthening.

When doing the stationery lunge, you don't have to let that back knee come all the way down. It should not hit the floor! Just go as far as you can with no pain and proper form. Make sure you are keeping your back straight and your chest lifted, so you are completely vertical when doing the lunge.

Regarding the floor leg lifts, try alternating the leg after each exercise, instead of doing all them on one leg before switching. This will give your resting leg a break.
By the way, you can take breaks if you need to and stretch it out. Again, your endurance and strength will improve every week.
You could also try them standing up leaning into a chair. Try to get your working leg hip level.

As far as the Standing Forward Crunches go, just think of your core initiating the move. Don't throw your neck and back into it, but just pull your abdominals in. Your elbow will just follow. I'll ask BB if I can demonstrate them on my next "trainer tips".




oryp said...

thanks. i took yesterday off and felt crummy. today i started with "start it up". maybe i need to start from the beginning so that my muscles have time to strengthen to adjust to burn it up.


Coach Barbie said...

no you don't need to start from the beginning, k.

A day off is good.

Just stay with RIU until you are ready to go up to BIU.

Really, don't go back to the beginning. It's normal to be tired sometimes. Just push thru.

If you're really tired, take a day off. But no going back to the beginning. Got it? Good.

Your potato gurumaker