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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 4: Zen Barbie

I went to sleep last night knowing that I wouldn't want to do Yoga-X this morning. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE yoga...for an hour. But, an hour and a half of yoga makes me want to scream and go ballistic. I know, how very zen of me.

Luckily for me, my Yoga-X dvd became damaged toward the end of round 1 (I swear I didn't do it!). So, for the remainder of the round and for almost all of round 2, I replaced Tony with Bryan. Bryan Kest's Power Yoga is a short, but challenging 50 minutes long. Despite Bryan's poor use of grammar that drives me nuts and his new age talk ("Be where you're at, cuz that's where you're gonna be"), I confess having reveled in my time away from Tony.

But, BeachBody decided to send me a replacement Yoga-X dvd upon my gentle insistence. (Thanks, Lamont, for your excellent service!) Great, now I had to do it. But really, why did I decide to go back to Yoga-X? 1. I've decided to really BRING IT this round and I know Tony offers me an awesome workout, even if I hate him for it and 2. I'm committed to documenting my 90-day journey on my blog; so, I took one for the team today and pressed play.

I had my mind right before beginning my 90-minute workout. To set the mood, I burned some incense, turned on the ceiling fan, the A/C, and lighted a few candles.

The first few minutes felt delightful. Oh, it was so good to stretch. Why, I thought, had I hated Yoga-X so much? The experience reaffirmed my belief in the power of positive thinking.

Well, it wasn't long, eleven minutes to be exact, before the smell of that particular incense started bothering me. Why did I have to try something different? I should have just stuck with what I know I like.

And it wasn't long before I started wondering if I should clean out the fridge today or if I should just wait for tomorrow.

And why did that guy that I went out on one date with over two years ago pop into my head as I did the triangle pose? G*d, was he annoying!

And, oh, man, I thought, I have got to take care of those overdue books. Great, now I'm gonna have to haul over twenty books to the library just to have them renewed.

And it wasn't long before I was literally cursing at Tony, wondering why in the world I needed to do twenty minutes of vinyasas when a simple five would do. It's gotta be the most frustrating thing in the world to have an internal dialogue with someone who doesn't answer back. Why, Tony, why did you make this workout an hour and a half long? 90 minutes of slow torture.

Despite my impure thoughts, I followed through, and as I was following through, realized that I was quite the whiner.

Almost an hour and a half later, I heard Tony say, "Take in the fact that you just did that." I felt euphoric for a moment and felt my love for Tony come back all over again.

As I lay in the corpse pose for a few minutes, too happy to no longer be in a pretzel-pose, I felt calm, relaxed.

I even decided to join Tony and the kids in the chanting of "Om." But, the strange vibrations coming from throat made my dogs freak out. One was licking my face, while the other one nudged my hand with his head.

Before I knew it, my session was over. I did it and despite having whined almost the whole way through, I felt fantastic!

Day 4 down. 86 more to go.

Namaste. Bring it!



Anonymous said...



I feel like with 6 minutes at the end of BIU.


Anonymous said...

One more thing, I read the rest of your P90X posts. Thank You, Thank You. I am really excited to hear about your journey through the X.
Since I still have 20 or so lbs to lose and 2-3 pants sizes. I have decided to wait til fall to do the X. I am really excited, nervous and scared to start, but I figure it is going to be a big boost in my exercise program at a time when life is just winding down into a fall/winter routine. The weather gets crappy and there is less to do here so, I will be able to ROCK the X!!!!! My getfit 1 year birthday, is January 1st and I want to be at my goal on or before January 1st.

Keep Brining it and keep sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Barbie, you're scaring me! I appreciate how you get it done even though you don't want to or you want to substitute something else. I was tired today and didn't want to do the second half of BIU, but I figured it was only 25 minutes, I could do it. I felt so good afterward and proud of myself, I need to remember that feeling for other times!



Coach Barbie said...

Barbie's here to dispel the myth that fit people are always in the mood to BRING IT or that to get fit you have to want to always bring it! Oh, PLEASE, I say!!!

Documenting my journey is making me aware of my very whiny voice but also of my determination!

Seriously, watch out, kids! My results are going to be OFF THE HOOOOK!!!



Anonymous said...

Regarding your very whiny voice.... Let's just say that doing BIU again is not!! let me repeat not!! my favorite workout!!

But your know what.... My determination is stronger than my whiny self.


spence8 said...

Alright..I have to admit that I absolutely hate Yoga with a passion! The first day me and my best friend tried it was, well, strange. Imagine 2 college athletes in the reverse warrior position right next to each other. We both looked at one another and said, "this stays between you and I." It was one tough workout! We only made it through a half hour then gave up!

Coach Jenny said...

I got to try that. I went to Yoga retreats and did 4 yoga a day. If I cannot stand it, than it is truly bad!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, totally! I also woke up in a bit of a sleep deprived funk and all I wanted to do was stay in bed--but I didn't. I looove yoga and stretching felt fantastic. I think the incense would bother me too and my mind wandered quite a bit throughout, but knowing that I got myself out of bed AND put in a good workout was a great reward.


Lisa said...

This is the funniest post ever! LOL. Proud of you Barbie for taking one for the team! I did Yoga X this morning. Sooo didn't want to...but thought of you and this post and did it. Very glad I did!

Coach Barbie said...

My determination is stronger than my whiny self--I LOVE THAT, WENDY!

Hey, kids, thanks for sharing in my pain! It felt great afterward, and I usually DO enjoy yoga. It was just particularly tough yesterday. As I said, the 1.5 hours makes me go over the edge coocoo!

Let's keep bringing it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Barbie,

Just wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and it really helps me to stay focused, because the message board is just not a possability for me right now - WAY too much to do. I'm still bringing it in the kitchen and on the mat, but just can't keep up right now.

I am gearing up for a round of P90X as I finish up my SI6 round. I'm going to start my P90X the week I move to Calgary. July 2008 baby! I quit my last round of P90X about halfway through last time because I had gained a few pounds and got really discouraged. I WASN'T bringing it in the kitchen, but my body was still re-shaping-just to slow for my impatient self!! I wish I had finished, because by quitting, I put myself in a downward spiral that turned into gaining 12 lbs. That's right. I lost 10 lbs. with Slim in 6, then went and gained 12. HA! There, I admitted it. Ughh.

Now though, I have my mind right. I wouldn't say I'm motivated, necessarily. I would say I took a painful inventory of my life and myself and realized that I have used excuses for too long, and I'm going to start to BRING IT in all areas of my life.


I'm happy to report that this round of Slim I have already gone from 150 lbs. to 143 lbs (Wooo Hoo!) with 5 lbs. left to go until I'm back to where I was, 138. I'm going to CRUSH those 5 lbs. in the last 2 weeks of Slim in 6, then some Turbo Jam until I'm around 130 lbs. THEN I'll be ready for the X. I have a plan!!!!


bree4bryce said...

11 posts Barbie??? And you thought we didn't love ya (smooch). See we ARE paying attention to you.