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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

P90X Transformation

My coachee, Josh, has not even reached Day 90 yet!

All I can say is: WOW!

Keep Bringing It!!! You look incredible!



Coach Barbie said...

My friends have been emailing me about Josh's pictures!! Yeah, he does look incredible!

He has a hopping thread in the P90X PHOTO GALLERY now that people have seen his pics.

Josh, you know you're my new hero, right?

spence8 said...

No Barbie! You're MY hero!! Without continuous motivation and compliments from you, I might not have achieved these kind of results! I couldn't have asked for a better coach!

Coach Barbie said...


No joke, two of my friends have called to inquire about you!! I have replied, "Sorry, Ladies, he is way too young for you!"

Keep it up, Josh! I'm so bringing it round 3 after seeing your results!

Bring it!


spence8 said...

I can't wait to start round 2! I am going to purchase the P90X Plus and incorporate that into the workouts to add more variety. I don't want to plateau!

Coach Barbie said...

Keep rockin', baby!

Coach Barbie said...

Another friend called me yesterday to inquire about Josh!


Coach Barbie said...

Josh, boy, you're in trouble! I just got another call asking me to invite you to New York!

This is incredible?!! I feel like your agent!