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Monday, May 12, 2008

Barbie's Third Journey Into P90X

You read me right, Boys and Girls, Barbie is ready for ROUND 3 of P90X!

I had one of those Pigs Can Fly Dreams last night, you know, where you're capable of anything, even flying, or in my case, swimming or living without fear.

My dream started out simple enough: I was on a lake, with friends, and decided to go for a little dip alone. Before I knew it, I was swimming like an athlete, gliding through the water. I felt like a glorious sea creature.

Even though (in real life) I participated in the sport of triathlons for a number of years, I have always remained uncomfortable, or to be honest, quite fearful of the water. Something about not being able to touch the bottom or swim back to shore is terrifying to me. (I know, I know, it has to do with the fear of losing control.) Despite this fear, however, I always completed every event that I entered.

Anyway, I remember noticing in my dream as I was swimming that I was not afraid. I scanned my body for it, just to make sure that it was not hiding somewhere. The realization that I was free, free from the fear of sinking, free from the fear of failure filled me with joy in its purest form and made me feel powerful.

As I reached the shore, I looked behind me and noticed that there was a triathlon race going on and that I was free to join all these men and women who were after similar goals as I was.

Without a moment's hesitation, I moved on to the next part of the race: the run. All the people that I had just seen had suddenly disappeared. I was not competing against them (just as you are not competing against other people doing BeachBody Programs). I was racing with, not against, myself.

The course was like a labyrinth, but there were direction signs everywhere. I knew where I was headed. Once again, I was not afraid. My body and mind felt strong, dynamic--I felt so empowered.

As I was running up a set of stairs, I noticed a little Post-It Note addressed to me from someone in my profession whose work I greatly respect and admire. The note was a simple "hello," but something in me knew that it was an invitation to Soar.

It is difficult for me to articulate these feelings, but transforming my body (and my life) the way I have and working as a coach have helped me see that if I am willing to work for it, I can achieve ALL of MY PERSONAL LIFE GOALS, one step at a time.

I absolutely love Debbie Siebers, but there's something about Tony Horton's P90X that makes me feel like I'm on Top of the World and that I can do anything. With the very long task of writing a book ahead of me, I am ready for that feeling.

P90X, Here I come!

BRRRRRRRING IT!!!!!!!!! Are you with me? Start Date: Sunday, May 24, 2008


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Coach Barbie said...

More on the X coming up this week!

Julie said...

I haven't had a dream like that in a long time. You should feel empowered, you will rock the X again- no question! I'll be doing 4 weeks of Slim Series after Slim in Six, then who knows, perhaps finally the X!

Lisa said...

Yea, Barbie's going to do the X again! Day 5 Xer here. I'm bringing it (thanks to your inspiration)and I look forward to reading about your new journey. The X can change lives.

Coach Barbie said...


Girllllll, you are so gonna go to X-land in the near horizon, I can feel it!

Coach Barbie said...


Thank you for your most awesome email !! The girl has gone from size 8 to 4!!! Keep rockin it! We're gonna CRUSH THE X, baby!!!!!!!!

BRING IT!!!!!!!