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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Walking Through Mud

I was on fire yesterday during my Slim Series FIRM IT UP workout. My squats were a little deeper, my leg lifts were a little higher, oh, I was on! Fifty-eight minutes have never flown by so quickly. "Bye-Bye, Debbie," I said. "See you tomorrow!"

Today, I had to ask myself, "Where'd my MOJO go?"

I woke up cranky and with persistent visions of waffles. Instead of Bringing it! first thing in the morning, as I usually do, I made myself 2 whole-wheat waffles topped with a tablespoon of peanut butter and just a touch of Polaner All-fruit blackberry spread. Ahh, healthy heaven on earth.

While I waited to digest my meal before working out, my funk deepened.

I looked outside: it was raining. I went outside: it was muggy. I opened my email account to find an annoying message from a woman whose apartment I'm supposed to sublet this summer. Why are people so freaking neurotic, I asked myself. Ugh.

More than 2 hours later, I knew it was time to press play. Ugh. It was only 11 am and I knew it was just one of those days where I wish I could stay in bed watching the next season of Six Feet Under, my latest obsession. But, not pressing play is simply not an option for me. I am committed.

Robotically, I put on my bring it clothes, dragged my mat and my body to the living room, and pressed play.

I hated almost every second of it. I did.

As the thoughts of hitting the STOP button uninvitingly kept popping into my brain, I envisioned myself looking fabulous at next week's pool gathering in my little red bikini. I found myself repeating a newly-created mantra, "If you want that, then you have to do this."

My technique was apparently working; my body was still following Debbie.

With only 32 minutes to go, I thought, "Once I'm in the 20's, I'll be in the clear." Ten minutes later, or so I thought, I looked again and only 2 minutes had passed! I seriously almost lost it, so much so that I just had to laugh.

Today has been one of those days where everything has felt like a nuisance, including myself. Today, all day, I have had the feeling that I have been walking through mud. But, I can proudly say I BROUGHT IT!

Mama said there would be days like these.

Now Bring it!



Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I felt today. I just really needed to push through.

love your posts Barbie.

Coach Barbie said...

Thank you. :) But doesn't the girl in the picture just look so pretty? If only walking through mud felt like that!

Keep rockin!

PCramer said...

I have just adopted your mantra, "If you want that, then you have to do this."

Awesome... I think I will meditate on this : )

Coach Barbie said...

Hey P, ;)

I learned about the power of mantras when I first swam in a triathlon race. I was terrified of the water.

When the gun went off, I panicked. A woman who was on the shore said, "You can't be courageous without fear."

I repeated that mantra over and over as I swam my quarter mile.

It really saved me!


Anonymous said...

I like this one! I have had many days when I have felt that way. I am learning to push through...I tend to feel better if I make myself finish working out...for maybe 2 minutes after I am done, on days like that....

Anonymous said...

CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!! Girl I could NEVER have explained it better. I am so glad to know the queen of fit has days she hates it too!!!


Anonymous said...

Girls and boys, I have plenty of days where I feel like throwing my weights at Debbie. :) I just push through. I had a great workout today, though, with Slim Series' TONE IT UP!

...And Wendy, what a title!!! Queen of Fitness! I likes it! :)


spence8 said...

You're right Barbie! Everyone is going to have days where they feel, "Man I really am not up to doing this!" It happens to me quite often. But for you to push through that and still do it shows the kind of person you are. You have determination and no matter what, you will not stray from your ultimate goal, and that is to reach peak physical condition!

oryp said...

hey barbie - remember when i tried to do debbie three hours after chilaquiles and obviously was using up all of my energy to digest because i had none to "bring it" and then kept vomiting in my mouth during the sit-up part?

i'm so proud of myself - i did it this morning after three days of post-thesis defense drinking and smoking.

also, remember when rachie asked me if i was stressed out about you subletting and got me all paranoid and then realized it was the other subletter? ziggy can't wait for you to move in.


Coach Barbie said...

OMG, Karen! I can't believe you made your way to my blog!

Rachel asked me if I was referring to you as the annoying subletter. Hello!?!! No, it was the other woman!

Anyway, so proud that you're bringing it with Debbie.

By the way, one blog post will be dedicated to you. It will be titled, "LITTLE POTATO."

oryp said...

i know i said jokingly that i would eat crisco with sugar in defiance while doing debbie, but i think my intake in beer has amounted to just that. i'm never gonna lose any weight! oh well. at least i'm getting in shape!


Coach Barbie said...

Jesus, Karen.

Coach Barbie said...

For all of you who may be reading the comments from my friend below...While a friend and I were doing Weight-watchers a while back, Karen was trying to see how many points she could rack up for the day. The fact that she is doing Debbie is truly a MIRACLE. Hey, I'll take it!

Julie said...

Oh Barbie, you are so right-on with this post! Especially at 6am on my seemingly millionth session of Burn-it-Up. But it's so rewarding once it's all said and done :)

Ange said...

Hey Barbie,

wow somedays, i feel the say exact way...

i was cracking up cause those days were me... what i love about BB dvds are the time clocks..they give us hope that the end is near

ur girl