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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 27: Thank Heaven for My Rest Day!

I just couldn't bring myself to give up Turbo Jam this morning, yet I knew that Yoga-X does my body good. So I struck a compromise: I brought it with 30 minutes of Turbo Jam (Cardio Mix 3) followed by 50 minutes of Yoga-X. Nice, heh?

The truth is, I had intended to do the whole 50 minutes of TJ, but almost as soon as the dvd began I noticed that I didn't have much steam. Since day 30 is just 3 days away, I decided to push through a short while, but to keep the intensity low. I must confess, TJ is not as much fun when you can't go buck wild. I guess I'll see you again on a more energetic day, Chalene! I'll miss you! At least I can say I got my Turbo Jam fix.

Yoga-X felt refreshing. I've been experiencing some shoulder pain, so it felt good to get the kinks out and do a million downward dogs. (I also went for a 90-minute massage yesterday. Yummm!) Even though I kept looking at the timer, I didn't really mind being there with Tony & the Kids.

On the 50th minute, however, right before the balance poses began, I pressed stop and lay in corpse pose for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Who knew playing dead could be so much fun!

Thank Heaven for rest day tomorrow. My body sorely needs it.

Day 27 down. 63 more to go. I am officially done with PHASE I of P90X!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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