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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quit Waiting

It's Sunday, my official off day from exercising and from any sort of cerebral work. I have earned this day to do as I please and right now I please to share this with you, an excerpt from Jack Canfield's book, The Success Principles. How to Get from Where You are to Where you Want to Be.

As we get ready to begin a new week, I'm hoping these words will resonate with you, whether you need commit to a healthier lifestyle or whether you're moving right along. Here goes, from Canfeld's book:



It's time to quit waiting for

Someone to change
The right person to come along
The kids to leave home
A more favorable horoscope
The new administration to take over
An absence of risk
Someone to discover you
A clear set of instructions
More self-confidence
The pain to go away

Get on with it already!

Have you ever noticed that the last six letters in the word satisfaction are a-c-t-i-o-n? In Latin, the word satis means "enough." What the ancient Romans understood clearly was that enough action ultimately produces satisfaction.

Do it Now!


Happy Sunday, Everyone! Here's to a healthier to you.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

1 comment:

Coach Barbie said...

I've also been reading about and reflecting on BLAME, how we tend to blame others for our lack of success, for our unhappiness.

We are responsible for our success and our failures.

Instead of focusing on how others are doing us wrong, on how others have disappointed us, on how others are not doing the right thing, we really need to focus on how we can reach our goals, on how we can transform our lives for the better, and I'm not just referring to our bodies.

I am learning a lot about myself as a coach. This has truly become a quest to better myself and to help others do the same.

Bring it!