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Monday, June 23, 2008

Nazly's Day 30: It Was Nothing But a Chicken Wing

Drumrolllllll, please.............

You remember my friend Nazly, don't you?

She's the one I caught sneaking a plate of chicken wings while on week 2 of P90X. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Nazly hit day 30 of P90X with most amazing results!

With the exception of a few chicken wings and margaritas here and there, Nazly tried her best to follow the nutritional guidelines as prescribed by the program. I should note that to date she hasn't missed a single workout (that I know about!). Her results are proof that absolute perfection is not necessary to achieve great results.

When she came over to have her pictures taken this past Sunday, well, I couldn't help but join her in the fun. Here we are, fit at 33 and 34.

It is a most amazing feeling to see my friends--both virtual and 3D--transform their bodies one by one!

Bring it, Kids!

Barbie, PhD

p.s. Nazly: We really do love the socks!


Anonymous said...

Looking good ladies.
from Dan

Anonymous said...

Dam... we look good.. thanks barbie for getting me into this amazing work out... I love it.....

Anonymous said...

Any time you ladies need a work out partner for a Plyo X or Ab Ripper X let this old timer know. It would be an honor.

Coach Barbie said...

Hey, Dan.

Actually, I'd love to organize a P90X DAY for all of us in NY!

I'll talk to NAZLY about finding a space. I know there's a community center near her house....



Anonymous said...

Barbie,... That would be great. I would love to meet and work out with all the P90/xers in the area.