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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Hugs, Huge Returns

Last night, at around 8 pm, after a long, but productive work day, I decided to have a little fun by opening up a "thread" on the BeachBody Community Forums in which I would invite P90Xers to come in for a free hug.

For those new to P90X, the X threads can be a little intimidating, full as they are with buff men and women bringing it hardcore day after day. That had also been my perception until I decided to open up a Get Fit With Barbie Thread (where I would post my daily blog entry). Folks there--strangers, really--have shown me nothing but love and appreciation, not only for getting rocking results, but for fostering a sense of community and spreading my positive energy. What can I say, I've been really feeling the love lately and have in turn, appreciated the appreciation. What better way to spread the joy, I thought, than to give out free hugs!

Who knew--well, I did suspect it--that giving out virtual hugs could make me and others feel so good? It was really touching to see grown men and women line up (okay, maybe not line up) for a dose of some Barbie love.

There's something so personal about a hug; it forces us to acknowledge our interdependence, something that is not always so easy to do. Today, I have to say, I woke up feeling particularly joyous. Everything, and I meant everything, felt like it was going my way...until the man I had recently started seeing decided to courageously break it off with me via email! After that surprise incident, I found myself sheepishly lining up for a hug. I could have hidden the fact that I was in need of a hug, but to what end? So, I asked for a hug, and everyone delivered! I had started the thread to spread some sunshine, but found myself being the grateful recipient of warmth.

It seems that every recent challenge for me has turned into an opportunity for growth. Maybe, well, I'm sure of it, actually, I have turned every challenge into an opportunity to become better and stronger, and to share the wealth.

Tonight, I am feeling grateful, for all the friends--virtual and 3D--that are in my life. Thank you for sharing in this most awesome journey.

May you be hugged. Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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