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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barbie and Tony at the Dallas Event!

Dear Boys and Girls,

I had an amazingly fun-filled, inspiring weekend at the Dallas BeachBody event. Please enjoy the picture show!


I went up to Tony and said, "Okay, I want a picture where you're admiring my muscles." He said, "Is that what you want?" I said, "Ya."


I snuck up behind him as he was chatting with someone and had someone take this shot. Um, I really do look like I'm in heaven.


Here I am with top-coach Traci Morrow. She is so tiny, so beautiful, and so sweet!


I told Mark Briggs, "Come on, Briggs. I want a picture of you showing Barbie some love." I really am demanding, huh?


And this is Barbie and Puckhead:


Who's Puckhead, you ask? He's Mr. December 2007's Monthly Contest Winner. And yes, he's got the X tattooed on his body!


Barbie and Briggs post workout with Tony Horton. It was awesome to have Mark there to correct my form and give me some pointers!


I left feeling more inspired and committed than ever to my own fitness and to coaching!

Bring it on!

Barbie, PhD

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