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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Met Tony Last Night. My Cup Ran Over!

Hey Boys and Girls!

My cup ran over prematurely--I got to unexpectedly meet Tony last night after I had finished having a bite to eat with Mark Briggs, one of the X-kids in the P90X Plus Videos! Mark and I were just chatting in the lounge of the hotel lobby, when Tony Horton himself came over to say hi to his buddy.

You can imagine my face when I saw Tony:

Okay, I'm kidding. That was me just being silly, taking pictures with my blackberry prior to Tony's surprise arrival. But, when Tony came over to talk to Mark, Barbie secretly died inside and tried her best to play it cool.

I didn't want him to think I was some bimbo groupie, so I introduced myself as Barbara, not Barbie. Honestly, that was a a BeachBody first. I guess that means I was trying to impress him!

Also, I don't know how cool I actually played it, since instead of the handshake, which he offered me, I asked him for a hug.

"You want a hug," he said.

I said, "Yes, we're moving fast!" He simply repeated what I had just said and maybe seemed a little amused or perhaps appalled! I thought it best not to tell him that my BeachBody friends and I had already named my future child "Bartoni," a mix of Barbie and Tony.

I expected Tony to leave as soon as he got there, but instead, he took a seat in one of the couches and put his feet up on the coffee table. The conversation comfortably turned to his nifty little Puma shoes, after he asked me what brought me here from NY. As he talked, I tried not to stare. But, I couldn't help notice his biceps. There was virtually no fat on this man, between his muscles and skin. The same was true for Mark.

We then had a small discussion about people doing what matters most to them. Boys and girls, he may not have known it, but the words exchanged last night were just what I needed to hear.

When he got up to leave, I mustered up the courage to ask him for a photo. Again, I did not want to appear like a groupie, but I needed a pic for SHOW AND TELL!

The first shot came out blurry (right above). The second was missing a head, his head! I giggled and made a comment about his head being missing due to my self-centeredness, since I'm always taking pictures of myself. I, at least, thought that was pretty funny.

Here's the photo:

I hadn't realized until this morning how I had cozied-on-up with Tony, as if I knew him. Oops!

Before he left, Mark asked him to show me his abs, which he only half-reluctantly did! This fifty-year old superstar has a ten-pack, if that is even possible. WOW!

My five minutes in Tony's presence were...not magical, but pretty darn awesome. I had an amazing time with Mark Briggs, too. He's a genuinely nice guy who is committed to helping others in the fitness journey.

Wow. On second thought, it was sort of a magical night for me. And to think I get to see Tony again tomorrow. I can't wait!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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