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Monday, October 27, 2008

Get Out of Overwhelm Mode

I used to live in a perpetual state of overwhelm. Feeling the fire under my bum sure made me productive, but at what price? I suffered from frequent migraines, occasional anxiety, and perhaps worst of all, I often didn't enjoy the journey.

I only realized this past weekend that I no longer live in that frequency. Did I just say frequency? Man, I really am turning new-agey. But, listen here: last Monday, I found myself blogging from bed at 8pm. I had walked my dogs and eaten by 5pm and literally only woke up to blog. Ironically, that night I wrote about having found my mojo. The fact that I was in bed before sundown should have been a sign that I was almost running on empty.

Tuesday came, and well, my mojo had abandoned me. I once again found myself totally exhausted and in bed by 8. That day, I realized that I needed to slow down...for a little while, at least. We often think that the world or other people will fall apart if we don't tend to every little situation or to everyone's needs. With Jack Canfield's assurance, I decided to believe that that simply wasn't true.

So, that day I decided that if I am going to be an effective teacher, researcher, and coach, I needed the world to give me a little break. I also knew that I was the only one who could give myself the time I needed to take. So: I sent out an email to the coaches on my team and posted on the Slim Spot that I would be less present, but available if they needed me. To be honest, I don't think anyone even noticed! I explained that I was really tired and that I currently had a lot on my plate. I also informed my students that I had a conference paper to finish and that if they wanted my help, they would have to contact me before a certain day and time. If you set boundaries, I am finding, people will respect them. That, boys and girls, is a beautiful discovery!

I spent much of my week either working on my paper or sleeping. I went for a much needed deep tissue massage, a pedicure, and I also bought myself a pair of suede boots. It felt good to be good to myself!

Today, I felt a lot more refreshed and mentally recharged. But...I bonked during my workout. To me, that is almost always a sign that I need to increase my calories. Man, nothing ever stays the same, does it? We are always having to adjust and readjust this or that to get it right. That's okay, I'm used to it, and really don't mind. But, I digress, don't I?

Anyway, my point is that taking the break that I needed allowed me to recharge so I can continue doing what I love (which really comes down to sharing of myself and motivating others to get it done, whatever it may be) without feeling ovewhelmed or resentful.

Yup, tonight, I'd like to tap myself on the back. Good job, Barbie, for a job well done! Way to go on taking care of yourself!

Bring it!



Anonymous said...

I had that conversation with a friend of mine...about the feeling burned out part...since i was working harder than i ever had in my life i thought it was burn out, he simply said i needed to eat more since i was working hard my body needed more fuel. Maybe you can try that.


Megan said...

It can be so difficult to take the time to pamper yourself or even take a break when life is so busy and hectic. Sometimes it is as simple as eating more but sometimes you really need to take a step back from daily activities and let your body actually rest and recover.


Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Thanks, kids. :) I am doing both: upping my calories and pampering myself more!