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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So You Wanna Get the Fat off Your Hips, Don't Cha?

One of the greatest things about me is that I can be very one track-minded. The ability to focus on a project means that I can and will get it done (when I want to), but... it also means that I can become self-indulgent and obsessive. So, let's give my writing woes a rest for a night, and focus on hip fat.

Through a service provided by "Feedburner," I am able to see the kinds of searches folks do to land them to my Getfitwithbarbie blog. I would say the number one search is "burning off hip fat," along with "Reviews of Tony Horton's One on One."

Ladies, and here I assume I'm speaking to the ladies, but boys listen up, too: You cannot spot reduce. You cannot JUST burn fat off your hips or belly. You gotta work on your whole body!

When I started Slim in 6 back in September 2007, I had 40.5 inch hips. Today, my hips measure about 35.5 inches. Five inches in a year. Seriously, I can hardly recognize my body sometimes when I look down as I'm walking. Who's that girl, for real?! So, yes, you can blast the fat off your hips, to be sure, but it takes time and again, you cannot spot reduce.

So, whether you are a man or a woman, if you're looking to blast your fat, Slim in 6 is truly the way to go. If you eat "clean" (and I can help you with that) and exercise six times a week to Debbie's not always so exciting Slim in 6, you will be closer to your dream hips and belly.

It's a process, it's a process. I am still working to blast the last remaining stubborn fat off my belly. But, I know I'll get there.

We really are closer than we think.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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