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Monday, December 29, 2008

Why We Slip

I successfully completed my first (unofficial) week of Chalean Extreme. Hip Hip Hurray--I feel great! This after three weeks of missing workouts here and there and spotty holiday eating. Ever since my second day of working out to Chalean, I have been asking myself:

Why did I slip?

How did I allow myself to forget that I love the way fit feels, both during and after exercise?

It's funny how one excuse turns into two, how one missed workout turns into the next. Before you know it, you have fallen off and you're results have suffered. I didn't get to the point where I lost my results, but I can now see how that can and does easily happen.

But, how did I let myself slip?

Yes, yes, I was super busy. I went from Dallas to London, to Paris, to NY, to San Francisco...and now I'm headed back to New York before finally returning to Dallas. But, wait. Sometime in NY I got my mind right, and everything has been going just fine, kind of wonderful, actually, despite a super hectic schedule.

Excuses and poor planning are the culprit and we are responsible for what happens to us. We are the choices we make.

All week I have been making my workouts a priority. I wake up at five to Bring It because I know I'll be too tired to do so in the evening.

Hotel living makes eating clean difficult, but not impossible. Getting your mind right, that is, deciding that you are going to eat right despite the difficulties, makes finding a way to eat right possible.

Prior to my travels, I didn't stop to think of how I would deal with the challenges of both traveling and the holidays. Change was up ahead, but I failed to plan for it. That is how we slip and get ourselves in trouble.

Believe it or not, I can already see my body changing. Chalean works your whole body and I am seeing changes everywhere, in just one week.

Get your mind right, kids. Excuses are so a thing of the past! The time is now.

With that, it's time to go to work.

Bring it!


p.s. For those who are looking to purchase any of the BB programs, BeachBody is doing inventory starting on December 30th. Any orders placed after today will be shipped on January 5th.

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