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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BeachBody Coaching Event in Maryland, JUNE 27th, 2009

June 27th | Silver Spring, MD

Join Coaches Kim Bemis, Coni Constantine, and Derek Heikes on June 27th, in Silver Spring, Maryland. They'll be hosting a roundtable discussion for current Beachbody® Coaches and putting their minds together to build some energy and momentum. After that, they'll open the doors for people who want to know more about the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity. They'll then introduce some of Beachbody's core fitness programs, along with some of the exciting new programs coming out in the near future. And finally, there will be a group workout showcasing programs from Tony Horton to Shaun T.

They are eager to build energy, enthusiasm, and momentum in the DC area. So tie on those workout shoes, jump on the Metro or in your car, and meet them at the Crowne Plaza.


Please let me know if you plan on attending the event. Heather Buchman, a coach on our team, will be there. Do introduce yourself to Heather and let her know your affiliation to me (even if we haven't met!).

After the event, get back to me, and let's get started!

TIME: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

11:00 AM – Coach Roundtable
12:00 PM – Coaching Training
1:00 PM – Customer Information
2:00 PM – Workout

Crowne Plaza
8777 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20190


Anonymous said...

yawwwwwn, That's it. this blog has jumped the tank. Used to be a great place to learn about your progress, your eating, what was working (what wasn't), etc. And, by way of example, it was also agreat way of learning about bbody products etc. Anymore, it's a non-stop ad for "be a coach" While a laudable goal, 99% of the folks who started following this blog have no interest in MLM. Or cut and paste infomercials. Go back to what worked -- back to what made your blog relevant and interesting...or stop. Until then ....

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Hi, There,

Thanks for your feedback. Truly. If people weren't reading my blog or didn't care, they wouldn't write.

So let me address your concerns.

If you look at the history of my blog, you will notice that I go through phases. There are times when all I can seem to blog about is my quest for a six pack. Some folks, like my friend K, for example, can't relate to this "extreme goal." They think my ab-quest is self-indulgent and a sign of body dysmorphia. Other times, I'll go on about carb manipulation and I'll get emails from folks who worry that monitoring my food intake in such a way is obsessive and unhealthy. I will also get emails from people who can't thank me enough for writing about something that helped them break their fitness plateau. And yes, there are times when I promote the business aspect of what I do more than some people would like.

I write or post what I'm passionate about. As I said in my post from yesterday, because of coaching, I can afford to spend a summer in California without having to worry about my finances. If I can share that business opportunity with other folks, I'm going to do it! Right now, this month in particular, there are a lot BB business opportunity events, both online and all over the country. One of my roles, as I see it, is to disseminate that information. My blog is the perfect place for that. Over the past few days I have heard from people who I never even knew were interested in coaching writing to tell me that they would like to coach.

That said, I assure you that my focus on the business opportunity will not become the main focus of my blog. Again, if you go back to look at my blog archives, then you know that this too shall pass. :)

I must say that to state "That's it. This blog has jumped the tank" based on a week or two worth of posts that you don't like is unfair. It is like having a bad week and determining that your life will go in that same direction from that point on. This reminds me of the time I made one admittedly thoughtless comment on my thread about men and then being accused of male bashing and being told that my thread had also sunk. I asked that person to judge me not on that one mispoken sentence, which was meant as a joke, but rather on my 16,000 posts in the course of 2 years.

I'm excited about the future posts of this blog. Coming up soon, as soon as I ride out my coaching wave (I think I'm done for now!), I will be blogging about my excitement about bee pollen, my second thoughts on fasting, my thoughts on why we stuff ourselves like potatoes on vacation, and why I have switched to Slim in 6 for the last two weeks of my P90X rotation.

Oh, have faith, Anonymous! Barbie has not left the building!! I sincerely hope you will ride it out with me.

Yours in fitness and health, and sometimes in coaching,