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Monday, November 9, 2009

"Go Heavy or Go Home"

Dear Boys and Girls,

It's the first time in my life that I have guns! Finally, finally, everything is coming into place.

A few thoughts:

A lot of women (most, probably) say that they don't want to lift weights because they are afraid of getting too muscular or too bulky. Barbie's here to give you the skinny on this myth.

This has been said a zillion times by fitness experts, but no one seems to want to listen: It takes A LOT of hard work to build muscle. I have been lifting heavy (heavier than ever) and eating like a Spartan robot (extremely clean and every 2 hours) to be able to see true definition. Lately, when people see me or meet me, they always seem to mention how "tiny" I am.

Do you get it? Lifting heavy does not make you bulky. If you want nice, well-defined muscles, pick up some weights and don't be afraid to push yourself. I wish I had done that earlier. But, you live and learn!

So how come some people tend to bulk up when doing an exercise program, especially a program like P90X?

Back in 2008, I felt that I was turning into a football player while doing P90X and so I switched to Slim in 6 mid-way. In retrospect, P90X was not the culprit, it was my diet. I was eating too much and not enough of the right things. Too many carbs, too many sauces, too many calories. The result? Too much bulk.

See, you do build muscle with Chalean Extreme and P90X and that's a good thing. But if you're not eating clean, you're creating extra padding around those muscles. Boys and girls, I am not a trainer. I'm sure that there's a better, more scientific explanation, but I'm telling you what I have learned from two years of being on this most awesome journey.

The message is always the same and that, too, is a good thing: If you want to see results, you have got to be bring it 5-6 times a week and you have got to eat clean, preferably from the top two tiers of michi's ladder. Plan out your meals. Calculate how much you have to eat to achieve your goals. And don't be afraid to go heavy.

Now, bring it!
Barbie, PhD


Anonymous said...

Barbie, congratulations on how far you've come. Your transformation is truly incredible. I appreciate all your updates and fitness wisdom. Good luck training for the upcoming MDB finals!! Do we get to vote for that or does BB decide?


screwdestiny said...

Those are some nice guns. That's pretty much what my arms look like, and I love having the definition, and more than that, feeling strong. People compliment me on them all the time which is nice because girls don't usually get compliments on their arms.

I think it is possible for some women to get bulky easier than others though. I am one of those women (and I know this from experience of lifting heavy weights in the past), and I've known a couple others like that. I can lift heavy weights, but if it's the main focus of the program, with not enough cardio thrown in, then I bulk up like crazy. But it's true, most women actually have a really hard time gaining muscle, and they should realize that muscle is what makes you look good, is what gives you a great shape.

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Thanks, Adam!! I love your support. Life has been super busy, but it seems to be settling down again. That means, HOPEFULLY, more blogging time. I really love it. :)

You can vote in January. So, I'll catch you then!

Coach Barbie, PhD said...


I totttttally agree about that, and in fact, I don't recommend Chalean Extreme to women whose legs build up fast. I have heard complaints that their legs get too muscular. So, I agree.

I think my point was really that your diet is KEY, with anything, but especially if you're lifting weights. But, really, with anything.