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Friday, December 25, 2009

Barbie's BeachBody Results: A Two Year Transformation in the Making

Dear Boys and Girls,

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! To all of you, Happy Holidays. :)

This year, I spent my first Christmas eve without my mom and brother/wife in NY. We are a tiny family in the States. My boyfriend Jason is moving to be with me in Dallas, but had to return to LA during his only vacation days, to move out of his apartment. So, I went with him to help him in the move that has to do with building our future. While really wonderful and so awesome, this meant that we didn't get to see his parents or mine for Christmas. Life is not always easy, is it? :) But we make the best of it and embrace the little and big joys in our lives.

Anyway, guys, as we wrap up the year, I just want to say THANK YOU for helping me help you on this journey to fitness and health. I feel like I know so many of you, even though I have no idea what you all look like! Facebook has been such an amazing connector. Join if you're not on it!

Since we spent our Christmas eve eating super duper clean (poor Jason) and amongst packed boxes, we each had time to just hang out. So, of course I made a video of my two year journey.

As the year closes, believe that reaching your goals is possible. Exercise has been such a wonderful metaphor for life for me and has allowed me to connect with so many genuine people.

Um, okay, time to go. :) I have an hour of cardio ahead of me, yes, on Christmas, I know. :)

Hugs, friends!!! Happy Holidays,

Barbie, PhD


MAJL said...

Woohoo and awesome to 1 hour of cardio on x-mas day; my mom and I did an 8K walk this morning :)

screwdestiny said...

That's great that your boyfriend will actually be living close to you now! Long distance relationships are hard.