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Friday, January 1, 2010

DAY 1 of 2010: The Countdown Begins

Barie upside down!

Dear Boys and Girls,

I could selflessly write about how it's Day 1 of the New Year and how I'm here to help you with your New Year Resolutions. Well, it is true. I am here to help you. That doesn't change because it's June 1st or January 1st.

Right now though, I have a goal in mind and only 16 days (counting today) to achieve it. On January 16th, I will be taking my end of the year pictures for the Million Dollar Body Contest. My goal? To be one of the 8 finalists.

Trust me, I'm not crazy enough to think that in 16 days I can go from flabby to holy-cow-she's-fit. You can't take a crash course to fitness. I know that, and learned that many times over before my Beachbody journey. Ever since I won the Quarterly in September 2009, I have trained and eaten with the goal of being a finalist in mind. I will achieve 10-12% bodyfat by the end of the month. It's not a far stretch, I'm almossssst there! In September I said goodbye to alcohol (yes, completely!), dairy, sauces on my food, and most dry carbs with the exception of sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and brownrice cakes (100% brown rice). I have stuck to my eating plan religiously while making some minor adjustments, and have brought it twice a day (cardio and resistance) six days a week. I am truly amazed at how I look and feel. By eating this clean and being this focused, I have seen my body go to a whole other level.

With only fifteen days left to go before picture time, this Barbie is treating herself like a competitive bodybuilder getting ready for a show. Bye-bye my once a week cheat meal, at least for the next couple of weeks. Eating 100% clean, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and am/pm workouts will make all difference. I'm ready to achieve elite fitness and get my best body ever.

My friends keep asking me, "Are you going to keep this up after the contest?" While I will reincorporate my once a week cheat meal after January, I like training with intensity and eating super duper clean. My best body is yet to come, I can feel it.

I just had my Shakeology. In about an hour, I'm ready to hit cardio.

The day is young. Let the countdown begin. DAY 1, here we go! I think we'll both be amazed with what is possible.

Bring it!
Barbie, PhD


Anonymous said...

Hey Barbie, best of luck in your training, I know you'll do great. Quick question, I've cut back on my dry carbs quite a bit too except for oatmeal in the morning, a sweet potato for lunch (and sometimes dinner.) I am doing a hybrid of P90X/Insanity/OoO and I feel like I have no energy sometimes. How are you able to do two workouts a day and eat so little dry carbs? I'd love to do two workouts, but don't know if I have the energy. Is it in my head? Does this get easier?

Thanks and again good luck.


screwdestiny said...

You can do it, Barbie! I'm sure you'll kick butt in the contest.

bitter_sweet said...

You are amazing! Watching your transformation has inspired me to get serious about my own.

Best of luck to you in the contest.

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Thanks, guys! I keep focusing on my goal! It's hard to eat so darn clean and bring it like that daily, but I'm doing it! I'll be able to chill out a bit soon!

ADAM: I do P90X and for my second workout, it is usually SLOW CARDIO ON THE TREADMILL. Once or maybbbbbbbe twice a week, I'll add another BB program such as RevAbs, TurboJam, ButtLift, Insanity, etc.

I can't do two a day of BB because the cardio is too intense and I BURN OUT or GET HURT. Your body, in my opinion, can't take so much pounding for a long time.

So, my recommendation would be to scale back on the INTENSE CARDIo and go for slower burn, even if it means BRISK WALKING for an hour, twice a week.

As for the eating, you've seen my meal plan. I also have 2 rice cakes for my am snack, and shakeology after my workout, which has 17grams of carbs.

I eat LOTTTTTTTS of veggies, which have carbs obviously.

And I eat allll day long! So, I really do find that I have a lot of energy. But again, the weeks where I go crazy and do BB cardio all week and P90X, I always wind up hurting. Be good to your body is the lesson.

Hope that helps! Barbie