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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hard Work Yields Results

Dear Boys and Girls,

I finally took some progress pics and...

To be honest, I didn't think I'd have to work this hard and be this disciplined to see this kind of definition and the beginnings of real abs. No joke: it takes real work and dedication.

Getting my cardio and resistance work in (at 2 different points in the day) can be a pain, especially when you lead a busy life.

Making sure I eat every two hours and that I don't leave the house without several of my meals packed is not always fun, convenient, or easy.

Sure, there are days that I want to skip a meal, that I want to sleep in, that I want a nice, juicy burger on a non-cheat day. But, I'm committed to getting my best body ever, and so, I show up and do what it takes.

In one of the Chalean Extreme DVD's, Chalean Johnson points to one of the women in the videos and says, "Doesn't she look great? She's just had a baby, too. You don't have to hate her, just do what she's doing."

My point? When you see people whose bodies you covet, whose body you wish you had, know that more than likely, they had to work for it and that results like that can be yours, too. It really is up to you.

Now wait. I'm not saying you should strive to be super duper fit. Different strokes for different folks. But if you find yourself wishing that you looked as fit as this person or that, you've got to be willing to put in the work. It really is that simple.

That said, losing weight and getting toned isn't all that hard. I promise. And that's why I love Beachbody, because they've taken the guess work out of eating and working out. Now if you want to be super duper duper fit, uh yea, you're going to have to put a little more effort, if that's what what you want.

I've never felt better, stronger, leaner, smarter, sexier than I do now. Yes, it takes effort and shedule juggling to get my workouts in. And yes, I do miss my occasional margarita, but really, not as much as I thought I would. I love seeing my body change and I love feeling strong & fit.

For me, it's worth every ounce of effort. I'm so worth it. :)

Your friend in fitness,
Barbie, PhD


Carl Mason said...

Very nicely spoken!

PuckHead said...

She must have a PhD because there is no BS in that!

Coach Monney said...

Great post. You certainly keep me motivated to push play everyday. Thanks Barbie for being my inspiration!!