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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Had a Bad Few Days and Then I Got Abs...

Dear Boys and Girls,

I normally reserve my ONE cheat meal for Saturday. But last week, it was Thursday and I couldn't wait. I had eaten like I do all day long, and then, I just had that overpowering "I need to cheat NOW" feeling. So, I gave myself permission to drown myself in a burger and fries. That felt great and yup, guilt free.

Then Sunday came along (the day before Jason was to leave for Miami). My friend Carl had brought over some super healthy sandwiches made from foods in the top two tiers of Michi's ladder. But, for now, while I train for the year-end contest, I've given up bread and have committed to eating my veggies 3 times a day. But on Sunday, I just didn't care. I ate two yummy sandwiches, probably skipped a meal, skipped my veggies, slept a whole lot, and put some pumpkin pie filling (it was organic!) in my chocolate Shakeology (It was amaaaaazing, by the way!). Horrible day in terms of eating? No, but not the way to reach my goal of being chiseled by January 15th.

So, on Monday, I recommitted to eating super duper clean and bringing it hardcore with my workouts. On the way back from the airport on Monday (after I had said my temporary goodbyes), I imagined myself spending the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself in bed, being unproductive. I didn't like that image of me, so I decided to channel my sadness and stop by the gym in my building to do cardio. It felt amazingly good to sweat, to take care of me, even when my emotions were asking for something else. That workout set the tone for the rest of my day.

While I was on the spin bike, I could see that my body had suddenly changed. It's very strange how that happens, but sometimes we just wake up fitter. Don't get me wrong, it didn't magically happen. I've been working out twice a day and eating super duper clean for months. But on Monday morning, I suddenly was able to see the changes I had been seeking and that I have been working so hard to achieve. Today someone at a group fitness class that I go to told me that I looked leaner than I did last week. Yeah, baby! Finally, finally, I am getting those abs I have always dreamed of.

I'm not sure what the point of this blog post is. Maybe I want to remind you that we all have bad days. That a bad day doesn't mean you've ruined your chance of getting results. Maybe I want to remind you that life is messy, but that you can choose to take care of you, even if you have a bad day or week of eating.

You always have a choice. Isn't that sweet?

Your friend in this journey,
Barbie, PhD

The two days of not eating super duper Barbie clean are behind me.

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