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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Top Coach Interview. Omg, I'm Totally Famous!

Dear Boys and Girls,
I received this in a newsletter today, from BB. Omg, I'm totally famous! Can I just say, I'm about 13 lbs lighter than in that picture!
Barbie, PhD

Top Coach Interview

Barbie Decker

Meet Barbie Decker:
Top Coach, Region 3, Summer 2009

Interview edited by Scott Plesha

Congrats to Region 3's super motivating Top Coach Barbie Decker. Barbie's philosophy in business is to help others achieve their dream results first (she's a professor by trade). She then trains her Team to duplicate that process through passion, encouragement, and constant contact. As Top Coach, Barbie always ensures her Team commits to Game Plan #2 as she has—be a product of the product.

Watch the Barbie Decker interview.

Personal Journey
"It was 2007. I was just finishing up my PhD and writing my dissertation. I was going through a divorce. I was dealing with the recent death of my father. I was heading into an extremely competitive job market—something like one in five gets a job as a professor in my field. Things were glum, and I neglected my fitness and my health during this tough period.

"Then in May, I received my PhD, got a great job, and was able to make peace with my dad's death and my divorce. But then I saw myself in the mirror one day when I was trying on a dress, and I thought that I was fat. Desperation set in. As luck would have it though, I stumbled into my ex-husband and his girlfriend—who looked incredible. I found it she was doing P90X, went on that night, and ended up buying Slim in 6.

"Within six weeks, I lost much of the weight and totally regained my confidence. The thing that struck me the most about Beachbody was the community. Fantastic trainers, wonderful supplements, and all the other people sharing the same goals as you. It's so motivating to be a part of, and, pretty soon, you become a good motivator yourself. Next thing I knew, I wanted to become a Coach. I'm no businessperson, but I really saw the Coach business in a different light."

The American Dream
"At first, I was wary about becoming a Coach. But I soon realized that caring about people and making money and helping other people weren't competing factors. They were complementary. In September 2008, I attended my first Team Beachbody event here in Dallas. When I heard the other Top Coaches speak, particularly Robert Hudgens and his wife, I was in awe. This was the American Dream. After attending this Team Beachbody event, I could see it so clearly. I saw the Opportunity bearing fruit right in front of my eyes. This is truly an opportunity to live the American Dream."

Treat Your Business Like a Business
"In only two months, I had become a 2 Star Diamond Coach. I just looked at the examples around me for inspiration. I thought, 'If they can do it, why not me?' I just believed and just went for it. Nothing has changed in terms of my care for people, and my heart is in the right place. It's just that now I treat this business like a business. All the gurus give that advice. Larry Zimberg says it. Jim Rohn says it.

"The truth is, if you treat this business like a hobby, you're going get paid like a hobby. If you treat it like a business, then you're going to be rewarded as if it is a business, and it is!"

Consistency Is King
"Number one, I am consistent. I've noticed and I actually wrote to someone about this today. So many people have a stop-and-go kind of approach. Whether they're on Facebook, they have a blog, they don't contact their customers, or they exercise and then they just stop. Then they'll go at it again after a few weeks or a few months. You don't build any momentum like that. So, I think I can attribute much of my success to my consistency. I am consistent with my own fitness, and people look up to people like that. It attracts both customers and Coaches. People want to be part of someone who is there to stay, and I tell people that all the time. I'm here to stay!"

Constant Contact
"I have an awesome rapport with my clients. Every week, I send out an email to my customers just to check in with them. There are three things that I hit on that email. Number one, I talk about my own journey, because I've had such great results that people want to know about that. Number two, I celebrate other people's progress. So, hey, Kathy lost 44.5 pounds. I almost died when I saw her progress pictures. I'll attach the pictures. For number three, I include a call to action. I tell people that if they've fallen off the wagon that they need to get back on it; they need to contact me. Or I just tell them to contact me and let me know how they're doing. We stay in touch through narrative, and it keeps the conversation and motivation going!"

Product of the Product Approach
"I have built my Team on the principles of personal development. I know many Coaches are more focused on building the business itself. That's totally cool. But that's not my approach. My approach is to support people so that they can achieve fabulous results—first! The idea is that they're going to want to turn around and help other people do the same. It's just the nature of this community. When you succeed, you want to share that success with the world. What sells is success and a passion for real results."

Goin' Viral
"One of the main reasons I'm here as a Top Coach is YouTube. When I started out, I posted a video of my transformation on YouTube. The energy around it has been amazing.

"Recently, I did a video review of Slim in 6. So far, it has 110 views. But my transformation video has 31,577 views! And that's not even updated. All this activity, combined with me placing a few links (tiny URLs) to my personal shopping cart, has been HUGE for my business. I highly recommend utilizing video."

Two a Day Keeps the Game Plan in Sway
"Since coming on board as a Coach, we've needed a system! I know my popularity on YouTube and success on the Message Boards cannot be easily duplicated. So, when Larry Zimberg and corporate unleashed the Game Plan, it was perfect. Get your two exposures a day. It's that easy.

"It's so important to commit to talking to two people a day, whether it's online, through Facebook, YouTube, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, etc. What about the electrician? It doesn't matter. Present them with 3rd Party Tools! Then follow up. That's the system, and it's a system that really works."

It's the Shake!
"Shakeology has definitely improved my business. I'm seeing more and more new people are asking me about Shakeology. When I discuss it, I talk about my own experience with Shakeology. I tell them how much I love it! Or I hand out the Shakeology Breakthrough DVD (a 3
rd Party Tool) and follow up with a story later. They trust it more when they can relate to a story."

What Keeps You Motivated?
"I'm motivated by the fact that I've become the person that I always wanted to be. It's because of Beachbody, and I'm only getting better. For one, I've always wanted to be a public speaker. This Monday, I was asked to speak on the National Coach Call. That's just awesome. Last summer, I was asked to be the co-presenter with Larry for the Beachbody Business Briefing.

"Beachbody has just given me this platform to be the person that I want to be. How can I not be motivated? In terms of my fitness, I've never seen these kinds of results with anything else. It's always getting better."

Thank You!
"I'm very excited and thankful for the recognition. To be recognized with all the greats of Team Beachbody—Delmar Bray, Gary Mathis, Pete Pena, and all these people you hear about all the time. I cannot believe that I've made this happen!

"I've gotten here working with my Team, as a team, and by becoming the person I've become. This trip is just the icing! When I won, I wrote to my Team and said, 'I hope this shows you that if I could do it, you know, why not you?' I asked myself that same question a year ago. If they can do it, why not me? And now you should ask that also."Top


J.J. said...

Oh Barbie - I had no doubt about that!
Congrats Girl! You deserve it!

screwdestiny said...

You're a wonderful inspiration, Barbie. I'm glad you've had so much success.