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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tony Horton's Arizona Camp Photo Album

Dear Boys and Girls,

Here are some snap shots from Tony Horton's Fitness Camp this past weekend. I don't have much to say tonight, other than I'm thankful for the journey and for the people that I have had the opportunity to meet.

Nazly, me, and Micki, another facebook buddy! Seriously, all of BB is on facebook. Maybe it's strange or weird for some, but we really are a community.

Paul Smith and me. It's crazy, I can't believe I have pecs!

Traci Morrow and I have our "sassy" pose that we do each time we see each other. I love her! She's a mom of six, in the P90X Plus videos, and a wonderful role model for me.

Downtime. I was pretty tired after the first workout. We kinda overdid it with our workouts when we got there on Friday. :)

Here I am with Nazly, my long time friend, in the hotel gym at camp. Yes, we were sharing a treadmill because the other one didn't work. Don't try this at home, boys and girls.

Deb and Angie, my facebook buddies! Deb says I'm like a BB rockstar, but I was just as excited to meet both of them. Oh, and Deb (on the left) has lost 155 lbs. So amazing! I love this community.

Monica Ward and Barbie. I love her coaching ethic and look up to her.

I knew Vita from the message boards, but had never really connected much with her. I loved her in person! Such an awesome, insightful, sensitive person.

Jason, me, and my buddies Mark Briggs and Jeffrey Armbruster.

When I introduced myself to Nicole (from Canada), she asked, "Are you the coachbarbie everybody keeps talking about on youtube?" Omg, um, ya, that's me. :)

Jason, Tony, and Barbie. Okay, I guess Tony's guns overshadow mine. I'm wearing my hooded sweater on my head only. :)
My ultimate goal has always been to just have skin rolls (instead of fat rolls) when I sit down. Even when I thought I was pretty fit, I had little fat rolls. I now officially have skin rolls! Woopee!! I have arrived!

We started our Saturday session with Yoga. I had been hoping for something a little more "fun," but it kicked my butt. Um, I love how strong my legs look here. I don't know why my arms aren't up though! Oops!

Jason's Team of coaches

I could keep posting pics, but I have to go walk the dogs and I also don't want to bore you. I'm pretty beat from the trip and a bit under the weather. Still, after teaching today, I headed straight to the supermarket to get my food for the week and got my Brazil Butt Lift workouts in.

I'm back, boys and girls.

Good nite!
Barbie, PhD


Pook said...

Hey Barbie

You have inspiried me greatly to get off my butt and start working out.I want to look and feel better as I will be 42 this year and I am scared to death of having a heart attack if I don't do something.Starting with P90 and progressing from there.Hope to inspire my wife as well.Tried to add you as a friend on Facebook but the link doesn't work


Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Hi James,

Thanks for letting me know about the link. I just fixed it, I hope. Otherwise, I am at

Let me know if the link works.

Congrats on getting started. 42 is too young to start dying! Focus on yourself and your wife will hopefully follow along. It may take a short time or a very long time, but in the meantime, start with yourself.

If there is anything I can do, just write me.


J.J. said...

Hi Barbie,

I´ve got all emotional when saw your comment at my place - THANK YOU!
Every day I came here to find the inspiration I´ve always looked for. It´s great to read your story and every single word of determination you´ve been putting toward your goals.

The latest pics are great. You look so happy and as fit as one can be.


screwdestiny said...

Looks like it was a fun time!

I still hate the skin rolls that I have. Simply because before I had a baby, I didn't have them. But the skin stretched out slightly, so now they're there when I sit down/bend over and they annoy me. -_-